Wellbriety at Royal Life Detox

Wellbriety at Royal Life Detox

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Wellbriety at Royal Life Detox

Addiction treatment for Tribal members should be very specialized to include a foundation of culture, tradition, and values. The essence of Native American culture is the concept that everything is spiritual. We work side-by-side with our guests to reconnect their spirit to all things around them. At Royal Life Detox, we believe that spiritual healing is as important to the recovery process as mental or physical healing.

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The Opportunity to Heal Tribal Members

As one of Royal Life Centers’ Wellbriety-certified Healing programs, we at Royal Life Detox are dedicated to providing compassionate care for those who seek our help has extended to reach tribal members who deserve a full opportunity to experience a life of sobriety built on their cultural beliefs and foundation of values. It is our mission and our honor to serve these men and women as they take on a new journey toward sobriety and beyond. We believe that tribal members deserve the pinnacle of care, and as such, we treat them as our own family.

The Medicine Wheel and 12-Step

In tribal culture, the medicine wheel is a sacred symbol that represents healing and health. Often, the medicine wheel is regarded as a representation of all the knowledge of the universe. This is a true symbol of hope and healing for those who seek it. The exact meaning of the medicine wheel’s symbolism can vary from tribe to tribe, as it is up to their own interpretation. The wheel has four directions: north, east, south, and west. Each of these directions is a marker for many other attributes of that section of the medicine wheel. It also is represented by four colors: black, red, yellow, and white. Some of the other things that are represented by the wheel include, but are not limited to:

Stages of Life

  • Birth, Youth, Adult, Death

Aspects of Life

  • Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual

Natural Elements

  • Fire, Earth, Air, Water


  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Ceremonial Plants

  • Sweetgrass, Tobacco, Cedar, Sage

Sacred Animals

  • Eagle, Bear, Buffalo, Wolf

The Medicine Wheel and 12-step program is another certification that is focused on healing the pain in tribal communities (hurt, violence, suicide, the impact of addiction, etc.). This provides a program geared specifically to model a 12-step approach that has a foundation in tribal culture.

This adjusted 12-step program is based on teachings of the medicine wheel, the cycle of life, the Four Laws of Change, and ceremonial practice. This includes culture, tradition, and values into a 12-step approach. It has proven to be the missing piece for many tribal members who need more of a tailored approach to a traditional 12-step program of recovery.

Treatment Groups

On top of the various treatment groups hosted at Royal Life Detox, such as music and holistic therapy, our tribal guests have the opportunity to join special groups geared directly toward tribal healing. These groups include drum circles, Native Holistic Recovery, bead and drum crafting, and even trips to a local sweat lodge – transportation provided. We believe that this is pivotal in truly embracing recovery in a manner that respects the culture of our tribal guests.

“I’m glad I never gave up because Royal Life Centers changed my life! I actually look forward to waking up to another day. Unlike other treatment centers, Royal employs plenty of personnel which keeps their client/staff ratio down and helps facilitate meaningful interaction. They have so many classes to offer – I wish I could have taken them all! The group facilitators are passionate about the curriculum, and they will break it down to the roots. When I needed clarification, they were always there to help. Lastly, I’m thankful for this program’s extended care. I still get to go to groups, even after I graduated! Ask, and you shall receive! Step up your game, and they will see you! “
– Daneta T.

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