Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Men and women often experience life in different ways. Similarly, the effects of drug and alcohol use, factors behind substance abuse, and forms of treatment often vary from one gender to the other. To meet the needs of both men and women, gender-specific addiction treatment incorporates evidence-based practices tailored to the unique challenges and characteristics of each gender.

At Aliya Health Group, we understand the distinct ways in which substance abuse affects each gender and the need for specialized care tailored to the unique needs of men and women. That is why we commit to doing everything we can to create safe spaces to support healing for every person in our care. To assist in our client’s recovery from addiction, we provide gender-specific addiction treatment that offers a comprehensive approach to addressing addiction and its underlying causes.

What Is Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment?

Gender-specific addiction treatment is a specialized approach to substance abuse recovery that acknowledges the distinct differences and unique challenges faced by men and women in the journey to recovery. This treatment modality considers the biological, psychological, and social factors that may differ between genders. In doing so, clinicians are better able to tailor treatment methods to effectively address the challenges faced by either gender.

In offering women-only and men-only rehab programs, treatment centers offer a safe space for individuals to heal surrounded by others who share similar life experiences. Similarly, gender-specific treatment separates men and women during the early stages of recovery so they can heal without distractions. 

How Does Addiction Affect Genders Differently?

We know that men and women experience life differently, including trauma, addiction, and healing. For example, men are more likely to develop substance use disorder (SUD) while women are more likely to develop a behavioral illness from drinking. Knowing this, male-specific groups can emphasize unpacking the reasons behind one’s addiction. Women-specific groups can focus on trigger management and processing emotions.

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What to Expect in Gender-Specific Rehab

Gender-specific treatment offers a safe space for individuals to fully focus on recovery without any external distractions or pressure. These programs cultivate a strong sense of community and understanding among clients who have experienced similar struggles.

For this reason, rehab for men caters specifically to the unique needs of men in treatment for addiction. Similarly, a women’s rehab program focuses on the unique needs of women in addiction recovery. This can include tailored therapy sessions, support groups, and activities that address specific issues related to gender.

Gender-Specific Treatment Services

During gender-specific treatment for substance abuse, individuals attend counseling and therapy sessions with their peers. As clients participate in therapy, our group facilitators encourage healthy, collaborative discussions centering around gender-specific topics. In doing so, clients can address any gender-related struggles surrounded by others who share similar experiences For example, women may discuss topics surrounding motherhood, hyper-femininity, gender stereotypes, and family life. Men may discuss topics surrounding toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes, and the pressure to “perform” for women.

Gender-specific groups encourage deep discussions about sensitive matters, without having to worry about being judged by members of the opposite sex. As a result, men and women can experience faster, stronger healing.  Also, clients prepare for life outside of treatment through trigger management and relapse prevention planning. Overall, gender-specific treatment is much the same as co-gendered rehab but allows for more freedom of conversation and rehabilitation. 

Addiction Treatment for Men

Knowing the differences between men and women means we structure the healing process around each gender. Our addiction treatment program for men provides a space free from judgment.

Our men’s rehab program offers gender-specific services such as:

Our men’s rehab programs assist in combating unhealthy beliefs that contribute to addiction. For instance, many men believe that they have to bottle up their feelings to appear strong. We encourage emotional expression and give men time to process and open up in therapy sessions. Without the need to perform for anyone, clients find they can speak honestly about sensitive topics. Focus is placed on the cultural roles and stereotypes that men face, as well as male sexual abuse and trauma.  

Addiction Treatment for Women

Clients in our rehab for women find that the floor is open for them to share and emote without feeling diminished. To do so, our gender-specific treatment gives women a supportive and nurturing haven, where they find therapeutic healing and recovery. 

Our women’s rehab program offers gender-specific services such as:

In our women’s rehab, clients gain a non-provoking and non-judgmental place free from male-related triggers. Our clients work through topics like verbal, physical, and sexual trauma, beauty standards, stereotypes, and gender discrimination. Therapy sessions also focus on topics that resonate with women, like pregnancy, motherhood, family life, workplace dynamics, and relationships.

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How Does Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Help In Recovery?

Research suggests that men and women can benefit from gender-specific rehabilitation programs where they’re separated from the opposite sex. Although mixed-gender groups can also be highly beneficial, gender-specific treatment programs offer specialized care for men and women during the most vulnerable stages of recovery. 

To elaborate, gender-specific treatment allows for men and women to process their experiences with others who can relate. During a women’s rehab program, clients can discuss their experiences of addiction from the female perspective without their words getting lost in translation. The same can be said for clients in rehab for men. As a result, people who struggle to express themselves in front of the opposite gender can find their voice in gender-specific group therapy. This is also true for anyone who has faced negative experiences with the opposite gender and feels safer around others of the same gender. 

If you or a loved one is interested in joining our gender-specific treatment program, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about our specialty program track by calling 888-973-2078.

Should I Go to a Gender-Specific Rehab?

In any inpatient rehab program, it is necessary to limit a person’s exposure to distractions and temptations. While some people can find success in a co-ed rehab setting, others may struggle to focus when surrounded by the opposite sex. For example, men and women may feel an internalized sense of obligation to perform or please the other gender. Unfortunately, this can cause people to put up a facade or mask their genuine feelings. Instead of focusing on their inner healing, these environments can create unnecessary roadblocks on the path to healing. 

Another unfortunate situation that arises in co-ed treatment is the formation of co-dependent relationships. Essentially, people in these relationships end up replacing their dependency on drugs or alcohol with a person. As the individuals become more reliant on each other, their progress toward sobriety can be hindered. Additionally, romantic relationships between clients can complicate the dynamic within the treatment center and may lead to distractions and conflicts.

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Gender-Specific Treatment at Aliya Health Group

During the early stages of rehab, men and women are often able to focus more on healing without distractions from the opposite sex. For this reason, we provide gender-specific treatment options to help our clients find hope and healing. 

At Aliya Health Group’s substance abuse treatment facilities, clients can experience the benefits of gender-specific treatment during our detox and residential levels of care. During the outpatient and aftercare levels, men and women can co-mingle as they transition out of our inpatient facilities.

Meeting Your Gender-Related Needs in Addiction Recovery

Men and women engage in substance abuse in different ways and for different reasons which is why gender-specific care can benefit anyone struggling with substance abuse. We care for our client’s specific needs through evidence-based treatment options, empathetic staff, and a holistic approach to recovery.

Our comprehensive rehab plans include the full continuum of care. Men and women are first given time and space apart and then reassimilated. Not only do we address your addiction, but we also prepare you for the future. Relapse prevention planning, emotional regulation, self-reliance, and nutrition counseling are all parts of rehab through Aliya Health Group. To enter one of our gender-specific programs, call 888-973-2078 or fill out our secure contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before entering outpatient treatment for substance abuse, most people have a long list of questions and concerns. To help you gain a better understanding of what to expect during outpatient programs, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Is smoking allowed in outpatient treatment?

Yes, our rehabilitation facilities have designated smoking areas available. However, kindly note that all cigarettes brought into the facility must be in unopened packs or cartons. The same rule applies to any cigarettes sent or brought by family or friends. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with additional details regarding these guidelines during the admission process.

Do you offer payment plans for outpatient rehab?

Yes, in most cases, we can offer repayment options tailored to your unique circumstances. For more details regarding personal repayment options, we recommend reaching out to our admissions team. They’ll be more than happy to assist you.

What insurance providers do you accepts?

We accept all major insurance plans at our treatment locations. To learn more about insurance and treatment cost, contact our admissions team or fill out our secure insurance verification form.

Do you offer outpatient mental health treatment?

Yes, we provide integrative dual diagnostics alongside a wide array of treatment modalities. Our core objective revolves around tackling addiction, while simultaneously addressing the underlying factors that contribute to substance use disorders. Our mission is to deliver effective and holistic care that encompasses both symptom management and the exploration of root causes of addiction.

Is outpatient treatment affordable?

In terms of cost, outpatient treatment is typically more affordable than inpatient options which require round-the-clock medical supervision. This makes it a viable solution for individuals who may be deterred from seeking help due to financial constraints.

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Gender-Specific Rehabilitation Programs Near Me

Aliya Health Group values the importance of specialized care, which is why we offer gender-specific addiction treatment in several of our rehabs across the United States. Currently, we provide gender-specific care at our inpatient rehab facilities in Prescott, AZ, and Orange County, CA.

If you or a loved one is searching for gender-specific addiction treatment, we encourage you to reach out to learn more about our addiction treatment center locations.

Find Gender-Specific Drug & Alcohol Treatment Near Me

Aliya Health Group offers comprehensive, gender-specific rehab programs to address the unique needs of women and men during inpatient treatment for addiction.

Situated in Arizona and California, our gender-specific addiction treatment locations include:

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
Prescott, Arizona

818 W Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305

Residential Treatment, IOP, OP, Sober Living | Male Only Programming

Royal Life Centers at Seaglass
Prescott, Arizona

707 W Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305

Residential Treatment, IOP, OP, Sober Living | Female Only Programming

South Coast Behavioral Health

South Coast Behavioral Health
Irvine, California

6 Banyan Tree Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

Medical Detox | Male Only Clinical Programming

California Addiction Treatment Locations

South Coast Behavioral Health
Irvine, California

51 Cape Cod
Irvine, CA 92620

Residential Treatment | Male Only Clinical Programming

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Costa Mesa, California

South Coast Behavioral Health
Costa Mesa, California

559 Pierpont Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Residential Treatment | Male Only Clinical Programming

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Huntington Beach California

South Coast Behavioral Health
Huntington Beach, California

5302 Kenilworth Drive
Huntington Beach
CA 92649

Medical Detox | Female Only Clinical Programming

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Huntington Beach California

South Coast Behavioral Health
Huntington Beach, California

9642 Peppertree Drive
Huntington Beach
CA 92646

Residential Treatment | Female Only Clinical Programming

We’re here to answer any of your questions about gender-specific addiction treatment near you. Give us a call today at 888-973-2078.

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