Seeing lives change for the better and being a part of that is why we do this work. We are honored to be a part of our clients and their families’ recovery journeys. Here’s what some of our clients have said about their time with us.
Footprints to Recovery is a positive program with a staff that truly cares about each individual and their sobriety. Having many years of sobriety before I joined Footprints as a client inspired me that happiness is always obtainable with self work and guidance without using a substance.I continue to stay with Footprints alumni program to have another special network of caring people. I would recommend Footprints to recovery program to anyone struggling with an addiction.
- Larry
I am an alumni of Chapter 5, and I am so grateful for everything they have done for me. The staff are helpful, supportive, and professional. This program is structured in a great way. The housing team and clinical team work together to set each client up for success. I really felt cared about. I was able to learn how to balance recovery, responsibility, work, and of course, fun. They did a great job preparing me for my transition out of treatment. Chapter 5 helped me to start rebuilding my life, and I wouldn't be celebrating 14 months of sobriety today without them.
- Mike R.
Vogue has changed my life entirely from a aspect of a re-birthing. I learned to find self and that I am not the only one who had suffered. I learned that I am worthy and that nothing in this life happens on mistake. I experienced a since of freedom that is unmatchable. I am absolutley grateful for Vogue and I will always be! Thank-you!
- Tiffany M.
This place saved my life. They even have a recording studio where the patients write and record music. There is no better place if u are considering going to treatment!
- Lucy T.
Footprints to Recovery has given me the will that I didn't know I had to navigate a sober life and be present for my family, friends, and fellow addicts. I'm learning how to live my life again because of the staff and environment they gave me in my stay there.
- Dustin D.
I came to RLC a very broken and sick person. This has been my only experience in a rehab facility, and I am graduating today. I am free, clean and sober today because of how much these people genuinely care about us. They are so dedicated to our health and long term happiness in sobriety! This has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel important to Royal. My life and recovery means something to them. They deserve every penny I spent to get sober here. I will always recommend them if someone I know is serious about changing their life for the better. Thank you all!!! You ROCK!!!
- Lindsay N.
Vogue saved my life, the best decision I ever made was calling this program. I was so happy to come back and speak about my journey.
- Canita N.
Footprints to Recovery is an instrument of hope that helped me and my family face and understand the challenges of addiction. The practitioners, clinicians, and patient-centered community have offered numerous ways to renew my motivation for living sober and healthy. Now, I am visualizing again how my higher power has acted and remains in my life.
- Chris B.
I am filled with gratitude for the new “Royal” life I have that started the day I checked into inpatient at Royal Life Center of Spokane! I was set on a path of recovery through the love, dignity and respect I received from the staff and the environment they have developed. This continued into PHP where I developed those same attitudes of love, dignity and respect toward myself!!
- Brent A.
My experience at Vogue Recovery Center has changed my life for the better in every way and I cannot say Thank You enough to them. The staff at Vogue Recovery Center actually care about you and want the best for your wellbeing. From the techs, therapists, nurses, cooks, management, and other staff they all seem to have vested interest in seeing you succeed. I had been to another Recovery Center years prior and did not get the same attention / counselling that I received at VRC. I am living a life today that I never thought I was supposed to have, and I don’t want to lose that.
- Trevor E.
Footprints has been a lifesaver to me. It’s given me my life back. The staff of counselors have been very informative and welcoming.
- Tim G.
Bottom line is, change comes from within, you gotta be the one to light that flame, there is no perfect facility, no magic pills, no magician who can cast away your problems. That being said Royal is a good place with caring staff who do their best to make this process as easy as it can be. They provide a safe, drug free environment with education and nutrition to get you on your way. They will lay the tools at your feet, expose you to experience, strength, and , hope, but your recovery is your responsibility! If you want these tools, and the help to get a good head start on changing your life, then I recommend Royal for you. So if your ready to attack your problems with a warriors mentality, Royal will stand along side you in this battle!
- Kurt K.
My time at Vogue Recovery was truly life changing. The staff are themselves recovering addicts and understand the struggles we face as addicts. I can’t thank enough the Behavioral Tech Staff. The nursing staff is amazing and took awesome care of me when I had COVID. From the cooking staff to the fabulous cleaning staff Vogue Recovery is a top organization. Thank you, Vogue. I have my life back.
- Phil R.
Footprints to Recovery's alumni program has shown me that sobriety can be fun and that I never have to be alone.
- Pete L.
God bless everyone here. South coast saved life. Gave me so many tools to use daily to continue on sober. My future is now bright n my children have a mother they want n need... Staff is amazing. Cole your awesome.... Love ya
- Randi D.
Here at Royal you are a guest, not a patient. They treat you with respect and are willing to help you with any means necessary. The staff here is consistent about checking in with you on not only your progress at the program but how you are feeling as a person, emotionally, physically and mentally. Including caring for your everyday needs, the other guests become your brothers and sisters as we are all here for the same reason, to become a better version of ourselves. Giving you the tools to create your own future and helping you step into a fast pace world. I highly recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who wishes to make a positive impact on themselves and the people they surround themselves with.
- Hobie C.
I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help of the amazing team at Footprints To Recovery. They gave me the tools and taught me how to use them to sustain long term recovery. Be the change you wish to see.
- Nick K.
Before I decided to check into Vogue Recovery my life was in pieces. I had been suffering for so long in my addiction I could hardly recall who I was before. I remember being scared of change, but even more fearful of staying the same. My stay at vogue had its challenges but each day I found myself healing little by little. The love and support is almost overwhelming at first but you need it so u can begin to love yourself again. Vogue had a great program and without my stay they I wouldn't be the mom, sister, or daughter I have the blessing to be today.
- Gigi
The best treatment center I have ever been to. The sober living environment is amazing and the staff at SCBH are the best. If you need help with drug addiction or mental health this is the place to go. Cole is the best.
- James B.
Choosing to go to rehab was not easy for me. Vogue, thanks for making me feel safe, comfortable, and that I could get through this. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I didn’t have to get sober alone.
- Michelle C.
I checked into the Lacey Washington location April 20 2021. From the moment I arrived I felt loved and cared for. Mickey did my paperwork. Very caring outgoing and professional. Coming off of fentanyl pills I thought was going to be rough. The 8 day Suboxone taper had me feeling great each and every day. Everyone of the staff members truly do care about your health and well being. They're not just there for a paycheck. Amazing Food...The groups that I attended each and every day. ( Which was all of them) were very informative and in depth. Heck...Royal Life even set up a residential treatment program at another facility for me. Well I'm proud to say that I have 7 plus months clean today...I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone thats struggling with addiction...They saved my life and I can't thank them enough
- Christopher M.
Vogue Recovery Center has been instrumental in the success of my rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. The staff is awesome and the aftercare that I have received in their IOP is top notch. Thank you!!
- Max
This place was by far the most amazing Treatment Center and detox that anyone could ever hope for! The staff is absolutely amazing they truly genuinely care about your well being I am beyond grateful for every single one of them! They dont allow you to not feel uncomfortable. If detoxing from opiates you can choose to do a suboxone taper and its the best option by far so when u leave your not on any mind altering substance and for me thats what i wanted more then anything to truly be 100% clean! They helped me achieve that when i wasnt capable of doing it on my own. Thank you royal life center for helping me get myself back and my family words cant explain how grateful I am for each and every one of you!
- Lake G.
I came to vogue back in 2017 after another relapse, another arrest, making Vogue my 8th rehab.. I stayed for 200 days, while fighting my legal issues and learned how to live a clean life! The staff was incredible. During my stay, there was a max of 10 people in their residential and sober living houses, which created a more intimate setting and formed some beautiful friendships! I met my 2 best friends here thank you Vogue!
- Danielle
This post is my equivalent to being on a rooftop shouting to the world how delightful and suitable the environment provided by Royal Life Centers @Chapter 5 topped with stellar professionals throughout. Each and every rotating staff member facilitator, case manager, counselor , nurse. cook down to the maintenance crew, demonstrated sincerity in every interaction making it a nesting environment during my journey of uncomfortable soul searching , taking personal inventory unbiasly in efforts to discover the underlying forces in which birthed my abuse to alcohol leading me to addiction.
- Eric C.
My stay at Vogue was preceded by an overwhelming amount of personal grief, the most notable being the suicide of my stepmom a few months earlier. That event was the catalyst for a soul crushing avalanche of depression, guilt and addictive behavior. It also led to the resurfacing of some deeply buried childhood trauma. The truth is, I was a complete wreck of a human being who really needed help and if I didn’t get it, I was almost certainly going to die. So, to say that Vogue saved my life is not an overstatement or hyperbole, it's the cold hard truth.
- Kevin
Royal life center saved my life! If it wasn’t for this place I would probably not be alive. The staff is amazing the facilitators are what made me come back for more! I was there about 2 years ago and I still come talk at detox to share my experience strength and hope ! I enjoy sharing my story in hopes that it will help others! I love you Royal! Forever in my heart! 10/10 recommend ! Thank you Royal!
- Melissa J.
My time with Vogue has been beneficial and uplifting. By working with Vogue and the VA, I have gathered the necessary tools and knowledge to combat my alcohol addiction.
- Dennis M.
Royal Life centers completely changed my life. I had lost all hope that a life in sobriety could be possible for a person who had struggled for so long to no avail. Royal gave me the chance to stay sober and figure out who I was and who I could be. The staff that was there were the most amazing and supportive group I have ever encountered and they believed in me when I could not believe in myself. I will forever be grateful for the Royal life community.
- Christine V.
Vogue was a very good place for me to go for recovery. The staff are easy to talk to about your problems with addictions, Alcoholism, and personal life. They help getting sober a little easier. I am glad I came here and recommend this place to anyone wanting help.
- Robert H.
This place and program saved my life. Finally surrendering and admitting I needed help and coming here was the best decision I've ever made. I found a new family and was around people that actually understood me. I finally wasn't alone. All of the facilitators and techs all are in recovery as well and understand where we've been as eell. The variety of classes helps so much. You're able to take and learn on a range of levels. I even picked up the hobby of making music in the studio. If you put the work in and take it seriously, it will be worth it. This program is great. Life changing. I got a lot of love for this program and for all of the people I met because of it.
- C.J. A.
I highly recommend this facility for anyone needing treatment. The staff isn't just nice and genuine there but instead one big family. Whether it's the owner, housing manager, or a bht you get the best down to earth genuine care. The material they teach in group is very helpful also.
- April P.
My husband and I are appreciative of the care and support our daughter received from Aaron @ Footprints. He helped her find treatment and has followed up on how she’s doing and her next steps. Aaron truly cares about her recovery and we cannot be more thankful! ❤️
- Amanda P.
Royal Life Centers of Spokane, was an amazing rehabilitation experience, The staff there truly cares about each individuals wellbeing and understand the long tedious process on the road to recovery. The programs that they have help you understand addiction as well as showing you the endless joy that comes along with sobriety. The detox center was amazing and the food was excellent, But the real growth starts within their 9 week program and Graduate aftercare. The whole experience at Royal Life Centers was truly a blessing at the lowest point in my life. I spent 14 months in their hand from detox to their graduate housing and aftercare. Today I am 2 years and 4 months clean thanks to My Royal life family.
- Nick L.
Footprints cares!!! Their family support group has changed my relationship with my daughter in beautiful ways that allow us to support one another without giving up our own sanity. Addiction tears at the fibers of the family. There’s no magic wand, but it’s encouraging to know that my daughter will always have her Footprints people; and I will, too!
- Pam D.
This place is amazing. The staff is caring and will do everything they can to help you. Im still attending classes and staying in housing here.
- Justin M.
This place is home for me. Everyone single one of the staff members has became near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t send my loved ones anywhere else. This place showed me skills on how to stay sober but also getting in a routine of waking up in the morning, going to work, going to meetings, how to cook for myself, how to clean up after myself, and how to live in a community of people and to express care and concern for those people. Love this place!
- Chris D.
This place saved my life. I had lost the will to live and was reading these reviews just like you are now and decided to check myself in. It was the best decision I have ever made. The people at Royal genuinely care about you and the majority of the staff have a personal understanding of addiction and its horrible toll. Their sympathy and caring can not be conveyed with simple words. The Royal program is extensive and well thought out and can change you so thoroughly the results can be breathtaking. Royal gave me my life back. Gave me my kids back. Gave me my job back. Gave me Me back. No matter how broken you are, how hopeless you've become there is a way back and these people can put you back together again if you let them. An awesome life is waiting for you if you want it!
- Casey E.
Vogue is the best recovery center. The staff are amazing. Bill is awesome and inspiring. I have much respect for that guy. And Linda. Lets just say im going to miss Linda, she is like the mother I never got the privilege to have. And Emma, I can't even put into words how amazing she is. Kyle needs to work on his dance moves but he's great. You guys saved my life.
- Daniel P.
My life completely changed when I walked through the doors of Royal. I am 1 year sober now and have big plans for my future. Royal gave me the tools I needed to become successful in my recovery. Thank you Royal Life Centers!
- Lisa M.
If you need to detox drugs or alcohol this place is awesome. They treat clients as they would treat a best friend. All staff are highly knowledgeable and professional. It is obvious this detox is run with care and understanding. They are state of the art in recovery.
- Joseph P.
My stay at Vogue Recovery was positive. I got a lot out of the program. I got a long with the staff they helped me get through my treatment. Odin was a very good support. My counselor was good in helping with treatment and aftercare. I liked going on the group outings on Saturdays. Rehab in Arizona at Vogue was better than anywhere else I have ever been.
- Annastasia B.
The staff is great! I’ve been to an astounding amount of treatment centers in my 26 years and this one by far was the best experience. They truly helped me get to the route of my addiction and gave lots of support. 10/10 Will definitely be back... for alumni 😉
- Sean B.
This is a very special place where magic happens and lives are transformed! I was more that just a number I was like a part of the family. I felt at home and safe while working on myself and rediscovering who I am. The staff here genuinely care about you and are truly invested in your recovery. Coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
- Julianne F.
I absolutely love my treatment at scbh. I am so thankful for this place. Its the best thing i have done for myself. My therapist is the best. The staff all truly care.
- Cristina G.
Royal Life Center in Lacey (and everyone we were in contact with from the call Centers) were absolutely amazing. From intake to care, proper, knowledgeable, and caring medical staff that gave individual care to everyone there; it made such a hard thing (going through detox) so comfortable. Loved that we all had our own rooms, snacks available at all times, smoke breaks when we need it, amazing counselors, speakers in intimate groups. The staff have such personal knowledge of what you may be going through that there is compassion and love. This gave me the reset that I needed when I thought that I was going to die. I can’t say enough good things about this place (even through this COVID stuff) they handle everything with efficiency, cleanliness and caring. I will recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who asks. 💜 Much love and respect to all the staff, chef, nurses, crew, maintenance, group leaders, nighttime staff and independent inspiring speakers that came in on their own time!!
- Michelle M.
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