Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs

Specialty addiction treatment program tracks offer people the chance to connect with their rehabilitation in ways that resonate with them. Treatment for substance abuse needs to take into account the complexities of the person behind the addiction. Each individual struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD) has a unique experience of addiction. Everything varies on the person, including the process of dependency, contributing factors, effects of the drugs, and impact on their relationships. 

Substance use disorders do not look the same across the board. Because of this, treating SUD as a one-size-fits-all diagnosis isn’t effective. At Aliya Health Group, we believe people need to receive customized treatment that addresses them holistically. Healing hasn’t fully occurred unless it addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Individualized care helps people reach sobriety in a way that best betters them. As such, we offer specialty addiction treatment program tracks so every individual can find their fit in recovery. 

What is a Specialty Addiction Treatment Program Track?

Specialized program treatment tracks focus on different people groups who benefit from care that is tailored to their unique but shared experiences. Guests find they are immediately part of a support group that understands them. All members relate to similar lived realities.

For instance, veterans and emergency responders deeply connect with each other’s trauma because they have dangerous workplaces in common. When in a tailored addiction treatment program, they can work through their issues with a group of people battling the same problems. Thus, they can enter into deep discussions about the roots of their pain and engage with the same healing practices.

Specialty addiction program tracks at Aliya Health Group address individuals as people first, not their addiction. Our customized programs are transformative because guests aren’t able to hide behind their struggles. Instead, they unpack their pain as it impacts their minds, bodies, and souls. As others in their support community do the same, greater healing is achieved all around. Through therapies, life skills training, and prevention planning, the focus is on guests and their specific needs. We address addiction through a holistic approach to ensure our clients find success and wellness after rehab. 

Is Specialized Care Important in Rehab?

Essentially, specialized care is effective in rehab because it provides individualized care and brings like-minded people together to heal. Likewise, specialized treatment services provide people with a safe space full of empathetic, understanding others. Conversations are more focused on the issues at hand. Group therapies can dive deep into sensitive issues that resonate with everyone. Specialized addiction treatment programs provide a safe space for groups to unpack topics that might be polarizing in a typical treatment setting.

For this reason, there are ample benefits to treatment where people from different backgrounds and situations engage. But recovery can go deeper in groups of people who have shared stories. Overall, specialty recovery programs are ideal for individuals whose addiction is related to an aspect of their history. For instance, veterans with co-occurring disorders like SUD and PTSD benefit from tailored programming that addresses both together. Specialty addiction treatment programs are also ideal for those who can best heal by reconnecting with their culture, like those healing from intergenerational trauma.

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Types of Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs

Therefore, the question is what specialty addiction programs exist for those battling substance abuse. There are numerous options for people to consider. Some valuable program tracks that address healing with specialized focuses are:

Gender-specific Treatment Programs

Men and women experience addiction differently. Nearly every element of their SUD, from their induction to their recovery needs, varies in some way. Gender-specific addiction treatment allows men and women to heal by deep-diving into issues their gender faces in the addiction experience. Healing in private gendered facilities removes the pressure to please and allows for focused discussions.

Age-specific Programs

People facing addiction can benefit from meeting with others in their stage of life, such as adolescents, adults, or seniors. Each age demographic has its challenges when it comes to balancing substance abuse and regular life. Planning for a smooth re-entry back into society looks different with age-specific addiction treatment, as well.

Programs for People of Color

Individuals of color may wish to enter a treatment program where they’re surrounded by others with similar backgrounds and experiences. Therapy conversations can tackle difficult topics like racism, bias, stereotypes, and gender roles in a safe space. Because of the base level of relatability, individuals can let their guard down to fully heal.

LGBTQ+ Programs

People within the LGBTQ+ community can gather together in a specialized program track that unpacks their unique experience of addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that those in this minority group have increased substance abuse over heterosexual people. Yet, because of discrimination and fear of harassment, they commonly go untreated. Entering an LGBTQ+ program track alleviates such concerns so they can get well.

Programs for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women have a distinct experience of recovering from substance abuse while carrying a child. Women who are mothers, are expecting, or have lost a baby can find solace in connecting over their shared experiences.

Religion-based Programs

Members of a religious group like Christianity may prefer to enter a treatment program based on their beliefs. They can connect with counselors and other guests through a shared language of hope, belonging, and forgiveness.

Native American Programs

Native American populations have ancestral healing practices and language of recovery that connect their experiences to a greater picture. Through tribal teachings and wellness practices passed through ancestry, Native Americans can enter a program that resonates with their culture. 

Veterans Rehab Programs

Veterans, active military, and emergency responders have their own experience of addiction that commonly stems from trauma. Veteran program tracks prioritize healing from PTSD and co-occurring disorders (like SUD and PTSD). Through guests sharing stories with others who understand the perils of serving, deep healing can occur. This program also helps guests return to civilian life.

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Specialty Treatment Programs at Aliya Health Group

At Aliya Health Group, we understand that each individual’s journey towards recovery is unique. That is why our approach to treatment is tailored to the specific needs of each person. We believe in treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – to create a foundation for lasting wellness.

Throughout our nationwide network of addiction treatment centers, we offer a variety of specialized programs to make quality care more inclusive and accessible. Currently, our specialty addiction treatment programs include:

Our specialty treatment programs help individuals navigate the process of recovery, starting with the earliest stages in detox and residential, and continuing to support them as they transition through aftercare and outpatient treatment.  Our specialty addiction treatment programs at Aliya Health Group provide personalized and comprehensive care for substance abuse, mental health disorders, and co-occurring conditions.

Native American Program

Native American guests can receive treatment for their SUD in ways that work in harmony with their cultural practices. Our Wellbriety-certified Native American Program (NAP) allows them to connect with their ancestry. Rather than remove cultural heritage from the process of healing, we know many benefits from traditional recovery practices.

For this reason, our Native American program includes components of tribal teachings, healing ceremonies, culturally based practices, and grief processing. Our rehab program for Indigenous people also incorporates traditional and experiential therapies. Our experienced staff are certified in White Bison training and native-based healing practices. As a result, they can facilitate culturally competent healing circles and assist clients in processing their grief and traum.

Valor Program

Service members and emergency responders benefit from tailored addiction recovery where they work with counselors who know how to help. Unfortunately, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) regularly affects veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reports that nearly 1 in 3 veterans with SUD have PTSD. For this reason, our Valor Program emphasizes healing from trauma and recovery from addiction as linked issues.

During treatment for substance abuse, our veteran clients receive holistic care that assists them in reestablishing a sense of safety. To do so, our counselors utilize a trauma-informed approach to ease the severity of their PTSD symptoms and cravings. Our veterans rehab program also teaches life skills and coping mechanisms so our clients can rebuild their self-confidence once they transition back into civilian life.

Gender-Specific Programs

Women and men have different experiences of addiction, so there are many benefits to providing them with specialized recovery programs. We offer gender-specific addiction treatment programs for men and women who wish to go through rehab without the distraction of the opposite sex. In each track, clients are given a space free from pressure to impress or fit a certain gender mold. Our women’s and men’s programs break down various gender-specific issues such as stereotypes, pervasive gender roles, and other gender-related topics of discussion.

In doing so, clients can connect with others who share the same experiences of substance abuse. Our gender-specific programs assist clients in working through the early stages of recovery before reentering co-ed spaces.

LGBTQ+ Rehab Programs

At Aliya, we are proud advocates of equal treatment for all. As part of our mission to ensure everyone receives the care they need, we offer safe spaces to heal from addiction for all members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Our LBGTQ+ rehab program aims to address the unique challenges faced by those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, or queer. Our specialized approach also addresses substance abuse concerns unique to these communities through a holistic and inclusive support system. For example, our LGBTQ+ group discussions address fear, discrimination, stereotypes, and personal expression. All of our staff are trained in crisis intervention and evidence-based practices to maintain a safe and supportive healing environment.

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Benefits of Choosing a Specialty Addiction Treatment Program

Receiving help for substance abuse is hard for many people. Even the first act of admitting they need help can be daunting. The stigma associated with needing help makes it extra difficult. Additionally, many people face barriers to care for various reasons, including location, financial situation, family situation, and personal responsibilities. At Aliya, we want to make certain that added factors don’t prevent the accessibility of care. Our specialty program tracks recovery and helps everyone find a place where they feel comfortable and supported in their treatment. 

Along with removing common barriers, targeted addiction programs ensure individuals have their specific needs addressed. For instance, veterans and service members must learn to heal from PTSD in their SUD recovery. Unresolved trauma is a prevalent issue connected to drug misuse that needs to be addressed. Program tracks provide care in the ways that best serve their guests. Specialty programs also help individuals realize they are not alone in their situation. Addiction can be an isolating experience. Thus, such shared connections are incredible.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

When looking into rehabilitation programs for substance abuse, you should consider core ways in which you identify. It may be helpful to ask yourself how you best connect with others, receive help, and set goals. Reflect on what your ideal rehab program would look like. A specialized treatment program track might be a great fit for you. If you believe you’d benefit from entering care with others with shared experiences, you’re an ideal match for this option!

Additionally, ask yourself what type of environment you would be the most comfortable in. Challenging yourself can be a positive thing. Yet, in a scenario as vulnerable as addiction recovery, it’s important that you feel safe to open up. What environment of peers would help put you at ease? Because everyone else will be self-reflecting similarly before entering treatment, you’ll find the right fit whatever you decide.

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Where Can I Find Specialized Care Near Me?

Whether you live in the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain West, the Midwest, the Great Plains, or the American Southwest, Aliya Health Group delivers specialized treatment programs that can help you heal from addiction. To extend access to specialized care, we operate over 20 addiction treatment center locations across the United States.

Find Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs Near Me

Aliya Health Group offers specialty addiction treatment programs at the following rehab facilities:

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Washington Addiction Treatment Locations

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