Clinical Referrals

clinical referrals

Are you looking for a substance abuse or mental health treatment center for a client?

Our team at Aliya Health Group can help. Our nationwide substance use disorder treatment centers and mental health facilities offers comprehensive treatment programs staffed by licensed and experienced clinicians who can help you client heal. We take the time to understand the unique needs of each client to ensure their time in recovery is a safe, comfortable, and positive experience.

By filling out one of the clinical referral forms below, we can begin processing your client’s preliminary information so that they are one step closer to receiving comprehensive care in our addiction and mental health treatment programs.

We are committed to helping clients, which includes doing everything in our power to ensure that our clinical referrals receive assistance in entering treatment for mental health and addiction at one of our nationwide treatment facilities.

Who We Treat

Aliya Health Group partners with health care professionals who are concerned about a client’s substance abuse or mental health condition. We assist a wide range of clinicians and therapists in need of a higher level of care for clients with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.

Our addiction treatment centers are licensed to treat clients with:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Substance use disorders (SUDs) and co-occurring disorders when a SUD is the primary diagnosis

Our mental health treatment centers are licensed to treat clients with:

  • Mental health disorders
  • Mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders when a mental health disorder is the primary diagnosis

Aliya Health Group is a trusted resource for referring professionals because we treat clients with challenging clinical needs. Some of our clients struggle with complex co-occurring mental health disorders like major depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, trauma, and bipolar disorder. Our treatment centers provide evidence-based care that addresses both drug and alcohol misuse and the underlying conditions that fuel it.

What Types of Treatment Is Offered at Aliya Health Group?

At Aliya Health Group, our addiction and mental health treatment facilities offer comprehensive programming to adults ages 18 and older.

Our substance abuse treatment programs incorporate the following levels of care:

Currently, our mental health treatment programs incorporate the following levels of care:

All of our treatment programs use the latest evidence-based medical services and behavioral therapies integrated with holistic techniques for a well-rounded approach to recovery. Our goal is to help your client find the path to a brighter future that best suits their needs, preferences, and goals for treatment.

Insurance Accepted

We are in-network with several insurances and work with most major out-of-network insurance plans. Our in-network insurances vary by treatment center and location but may include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, TriCare, Multiplan, and TriWest. Our admissions team can provide your client with a complimentary insurance benefits check and advise them of out-of-pocket costs. To speak with admissions, call 888-973-2078.

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Refer Clients to Aliya

How to Refer Clients to Aliya Health Group’s Treatment Centers

We value our relationships with referents and are honored that so many clinicians entrust us with the care of their clients. We maintain regular communication with you before, during, and after treatment with your client’s consent. To refer a client, call us at 888-973-2078 or fill out our clinical referral form below.

Clinical Referral Form

Please fill out the secure form below if your client needs a clinical referral for substance abuse, mental health, or dual diagnosis treatment services.

Client Referral Form

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We ensure any information disclosed in this form is handled securely to uphold the highest security and privacy standards for every prospective client. All information provided remains confidential and will never be sold, shared, or disclosed to anyone outside of our organization and your client’s insurance provider.

If you have any questions about how we handle information regarding professional referrals, please contact our referral team in admissions.

What to Expect After Referring a Client To Aliya Health Group?

When you refer a client to Aliya Health Group for addiction or mental health treatment, you can expect a seamless and supportive process, both for you and the individual seeking help. From the moment we receive your referral, our team of compassionate professionals springs into action, prioritizing the well-being and specific needs of the client.


The first step in admissions is our comprehensive intake assessment. This phone consultation helps us determine which treatment center and program is an appropriate fit for your client and what treatment services they will require. If you desire, we can speak with both you and your client to understand their most pressing clinical needs.



With your client’s consent, their primary therapist can routinely communicate with you throughout their stay in treatment to provide treatment insights and progress reports. That way, we can ensure your remain informed of your client’s progress and any roadblocks that may arise during treatment for substance abuse or a mental health condition.



Continuity of care plays an important role in a client’s progress and sense of security. For this reason, we will work with you to make sure that the client’s transition back into your care is seamless. Our clinical staff and case managers provide thorough discharge planning with follow-up appointments, medication management, and comprehensive aftercare plans.

Contact Our Referrals Team

By choosing Aliya Health Group for your referral, you’re entrusting your client to a dedicated team that values healing, growth, and sustainable recovery above everything else. Together, we can make a difference in their journey towards wellness.

Our professional referrals team makes the process simple and easy so your client can get started with treatment as soon as possible. Contact our referrals team today or fill out the referral form provided above to get started. We’re happy to provide more information or schedule a time to speak with our clinical team about our services.

Call us to learn more.