Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona

At Aliya Health Group, our addiction treatment centers in Arizona provide comprehensive care to a wide range of clients seeking help for substance abuse and mental illness.

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Aliya Health Group offers a full continuum of care at our alcohol and drug rehabs in Arizona. Vogue Recovery Center extends treatment services to residents in Phoenix and Royal Life Centers assists our clients in Prescott.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Arizona

Our substance abuse treatment centers in Arizona offer a welcoming, comfortable environment with the clinical expertise and support you need to overcome addiction.  Our team consists of highly qualified clinicians who deliver compassionate, evidence-based care. We personalize treatment to each client’s needs and preferences, drawing on both traditional and alternative approaches.

Person-Centered Alcohol and Drug Rehab

At Aliya Health Group, our team of experienced substance abuse professionals understands that each person’s recovery journey is unique. That’s why we offer person-centered care that treats the individual as a whole, not just their substance use disorder.

Our Arizona rehab facilities provide a holistic approach to treatment that addresses both the physical and mental aspects of substance use disorders with proven, evidence-based therapies and counseling. In doing so, we help clients heal the connection between their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our person-centered care also shines through during our trauma-informed track for veterans and first responders within our Valor Program. During treatment at our Phoenix location, we also provide services tailored to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ clients. To assist in the healing process, we provide holistic treatment services such as nutrition counseling, yoga groups, meditation sessions, physical fitness activities and at each of our rehab facilities located in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.

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No one should have to wait to heal, which is why our specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the admissions process every step of the way.

Which Rehabs in Arizona Treat Alcohol and Drug Addiction?

Arizona has similar drug and alcohol abuse issues to the rest of the country. Addictive substances can have a negative impact on all aspects of a person’s life. Individuals in Arizona who are struggling with addiction should seek help from a treatment center that values dignity and compassion.

Aliya Health Group provides addiction treatment at its alcohol and drug rehab centers near Phoenix, Arizona. Our rehab facilities offer a safe and supportive atmosphere in which individuals can begin a journey of genuine healing. With a highly trained staff, we provide specialized care that is geared to each person’s specific addiction, needs, and goals.

Whether you need detox, residential treatment, or outpatient care, our comprehensive resources are available to help you reclaim your life. We recognize that the first steps toward recovery can be scary, which is why our compassionate and professional staff is here to help you reach your full potential. 

Our Arizona Detox & Rehab Centers

Before beginning treatment, your body must be free of all substances. The act of removing all traces of drugs or alcohol from a person’s body is known as medical detoxification, sometimes known as detox. While some people try to detox on their own, it is generally advised that detox take place under medical supervision, at a professional treatment and rehab center. This is especially significant because withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and other drugs can be severe. Due to withdrawal symptoms that occur when substance use is terminated, detox can be exceedingly unpleasant and occasionally lethal, especially in people who have acquired a chemical dependency.

Our Arizona detox and rehab programs in Prescott and Phoenix will lead you through detox as comfortably and safely as possible. Our caring clinical team will give 24-hour health care and will administer medications to assist in managing cravings and the negative consequences of withdrawal.

All clients receive personalized treatment plans that include a wide range of scientifically proven therapeutic modalities for treating the body, mind, and spirit. Depending on your specific needs, your personalized treatment plan may include behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, meditation and mindfulness therapies, inpatient rehab, health and wellness education, nutrition therapy, fitness and exercise programs, and recreational activities.

It is crucial to note that attempting to detox at home carries significant risks and is strongly discouraged. While the idea of sticking to your routine may be tempting, at-home detox requires more than just willpower. The chances of relapse are alarmingly high, and improper detoxification can lead to severe medical complications. By collaborating with a dedicated team of detox therapists in Arizona, you can navigate the detox process with greater ease and effectiveness, increasing your chances of achieving long-term sobriety.

We accept in-and-out-of-state clients and proudly support military veterans. Aliya Health Group does not discriminate based on age, sex, or gender.

Rehab Programs and Services in Arizona

AZ Rehab Information

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Arizona Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Arizona drug and alcohol treatment programs to assist clients in overcoming addiction and achieving long-term recovery. As clients advance through the phases of treatment, they follow personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their specific needs, allowing them to address the physical, mental, and emotional elements of addiction. 

We recognize that getting addiction treatment can be a challenging decision. Our goal is to create a warm and empathetic environment where people can feel safe as they begin their recovery journey. We are committed to assisting our clients in achieving long-term sobriety and improving their entire well-being through our team of experienced professionals and evidence-based treatment approaches.

Arizona Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient treatment in a residential setting provides 24-hour support in a calming and safe environment. This allows clients to focus only on their rehabilitation, without outside distractions or temptations. 

Our inpatient treatment programs in Arizona include:

During Arizona inpatient treatment, our highly skilled staff will provide 24-hour care and use numerous methods such as individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to tackle the underlying issues of addiction. Our comprehensive approach to treatment combines evidence-based therapies, trauma-informed care, experiential groups, family integration, and case management to empower clients in their recovery journey. Our Arizona therapists and counselors support clients throughout detox and residential treatment, helping them achieve their goals, develop effective coping skills, and address the underlying causes of addiction.

Arizona Detox Programs

Many clients’ initial step in their recovery path is drug and alcohol detox. We realize how scary and difficult it can be to seek addiction treatment services. That is why we work hard to establish a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment in which people feel comfortable and supported throughout their recovery journey.

At Aliya Health Group’s Arizona detox facilities, we provide:

Our observational and medical detox services assist clients in managing withdrawal symptoms safely while also preparing clients for further treatment. We have an experienced medical team that regularly monitors each client’s development and adjusts treatment plans as our client’s needs change in recovery. Additionally, we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) when necessary. 

Arizona Residential Treatment Program

Following detox, our residential inpatient program offers 24-hour care in a comfortable live-in treatment setting. Clients are provided time away from triggers during residential therapy to focus on themselves and their recovery.

Our highly skilled treatment staff works with clients to address underlying issues that have contributed to their substance abuse, such as co-occurring mental health conditions, trauma, and other difficulties. Our holistic approach combines therapy, medication management, and leisure activities to address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of addiction.

Arizona Outpatient Treatment

Arizona outpatient treatment provides clients with the flexibility to receive treatment and support while living at home and maintaining work or other commitments.

Our outpatient treatment programs include:

Throughout outpatient treatment, our highly skilled team offers continuous guidance and support to aid clients in their transition back to daily life. This includes individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of addiction. Our holistic treatment approach incorporates evidence-based therapies, trauma-informed care, experiential groups, family involvement, and case management to empower clients in their recovery journey. 

During our Arizona outpatient treatment programs, clinicians support clients through partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs assisting them in achieving their goals, developing new life skills, and upholding their relapse prevention plans.

Partial Hospitalization Program in Arizona

Our partial hospitalization program is an intensive, structured treatment option that provides a higher level of care than outpatient programs. Clients typically attend the facility for several hours each day, multiple days a week, receiving a combination of individual and group therapy, medical care, and other support services. 

This program is ideal for those who need substantial support and structure but don’t require 24-hour supervision.

Intensive Outpatient Program in Arizona

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers a level of care that is more rigorous than traditional outpatient programs, yet less intensive than partial hospitalization. After completing their time in PHP, Clients can move into intensive outpatient care, where they continue treatment while living at home or in a sober living facility in Arizona.

While IOPs in Arizona are more flexible than inpatient treatment and PHP, it is an important pre-step for those who aren’t ready for the extra independence found in traditional outpatient programs. Intensive outpatient typically involves attending treatment sessions several days a week for a few hours each day. Treatment in intensive outpatient care generally focuses on helping clients develop coping skills, manage cravings, and rebuild their lives while still maintaining their daily responsibilities like work or school.

Outpatient Program in Arizona

Our outpatient program in Arizona represents the final phase before achieving complete independence in sobriety. It is designed to involve sessions with a therapist or group meetings for three hours per day, once or twice a week.

This provides clients with a supportive environment to navigate stressful situations and further refine their sobriety management skills, all while residing at home and maintaining their usual work and family commitments. Compared to other locations, our outpatient programs in Arizona offer the greatest level of flexibility during the recovery journey.

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Arizona Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services

Addiction can affect everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. That is why we treat each individual with care and respect, recognizing their unique difficulties and strengths. Our team of highly qualified and compassionate specialists works together to provide each client with personalized treatment plans.

Depending on the level of care and individual needs, clients can receive some or all of the following addiction treatment services during their time in our Arizona rehabs:

We use evidence-based treatments and holistic approaches to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction. Throughout our alcohol and drug treatment, we also provide education and skills to family and loved ones, as their support is crucial in an individual’s recovery.

Addiction Therapies in Arizona

At Aliya Health Group’s Arizona rehab centers our clinicians empower each client to take charge of their lives and make positive changes. Through therapy sessions, educational programs, and therapeutic activities, we give our clients the tools they need to overcome their challenges and live full lives.

We use a combination of traditional and experiential approaches that may include:

While in therapy, our highly qualified and loving addiction specialists tailor each substance abuse treatment to our client’s specific requirements, experiences, and goals. Individual, group, and family therapy are all part of our all-encompassing clinical approach.

In these therapeutic environments, we employ evidence-based treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, relapse prevention planning, and mental health and addiction education. We also offer alternative treatment methods such as yoga, meditation, and massage to address the mind, body, and spirit in rehabilitation. If you want to know more about the holistic healing options we provide in our addiction treatment centers in Arizona, call us today at 888-973-2078.

Inside Our Arizona Rehab Facilities

We provide clients with a compassionate and comfortable environment in which to begin their journey toward a brighter future. Our treatments include medical detox, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient care, and outpatient care. Situated in Prescott and Phoenix Arizona, our rehab facilities provide round-the-clock professional care and unwavering support within a secure and welcoming setting.

Our Rehab in Prescott, Arizona

Our Rehab in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Arizona Leadership

Addiction Treatment Professionals in Arizona

Vaun Williams

Vaun Williams,
Psy.D., LPC
Chief Operating Officer

Vaun Williams serves as the Chief Operating Officer for our treatment centers in Arizona. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2005, followed by a Master’s degree from the University of Phoenix in 2011. Vaun is a licensed professional counselor and further pursued her doctoral degree, which she earned from Capella University in 2017. Since 2016, she has also been an adjunct faculty member at Grand Canyon University, teaching various courses in psychology and counseling.

With approximately 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field, Vaun has worked extensively with diverse populations including children, the homeless, survivors of domestic violence, individuals struggling with addiction, and clients in private practice. Her area of expertise lies in trauma therapy, and she is a certified practitioner of EMDR treatment. Vaun is also actively working towards becoming an EMDRIA-approved consultant. 

Alongside her experience working with diverse populations, she has held management positions for the past two decades. Vaun has supervised individuals from all walks of life, including those seeking independent licensure. Moreover, she has worked with individuals diagnosed with a wide range of conditions, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, mood-related disorders, trauma-related disorders, and personality disorders. Vaun takes pride in being a mother to two beautiful children and cherishes the moments spent in their company.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones, MS, LPC Executive Director

Vogue Recovery Center Phoenix, Arizona

Kelsey Jones, the Executive Director at Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role. Originally hailing from Kansas, Kelsey made the move to Arizona in 2004 to pursue her college education. With a strong background in behavioral health, she has been actively involved in this field since 2007.

Kelsey holds master’s degrees in both infant family practice and counseling and guidance, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. As a licensed counselor, she has dedicated a significant portion of her career to working with individuals facing serious mental health challenges and co-occurring disorders. Overseeing a residential treatment program and working in the outpatient setting, Kelsey has gained invaluable insights and firsthand experience in supporting this population.

Beyond her direct involvement in patient care, Kelsey has been instrumental in providing clinical training to the dedicated staff at Vogue Recovery Center. She has also delivered various training sessions on cultural competency, mental health diagnosis, and compassion fatigue, among others. Her passion for working with people shines through as she strives to help them navigate and understand their experiences.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Kelsey is an avid fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, demonstrating her enthusiasm for her home team. Her dedication to her work, combined with her compassionate nature, make Kelsey an invaluable asset to the field of behavioral health.

Kyle Sanders

Kyle Sanders Executive Director

Royal Life Centers Prescott, Arizona

Kyle Sanders serves as the Executive Director at Royal Life Centers in Prescott, Arizona. In this role, he oversees the operations of our Arizona detox, men’s inpatient rehab, women’s inpatient rehab, and aftercare programs.

In 2019, Kyle joined the Aliya Health Group team as the sober living manager at the Vogue Recovery Center facility in Phoenix, Arizona. After excelling in this position for two years, he was promoted to Lead Behavioral Technician at Vogue. A year later, he relocated to Prescott, AZ, taking on dual responsibilities as the BHT Supervisor and Director of Operations for Royal Life Centers. Within a short period, Kyle Sanders was further promoted to the position of executive director, showcasing his expertise in addiction treatment and recovery services.

As the Executive Director, he plays a crucial role in delivering the highest quality care to every guest. Kyle is deeply committed to providing compassionate care and works tirelessly to uplift each guest in treatment at Royal Life Centers. He is known for his reliability, inspiration, and exceptional organizational skills, ensuring that all programs run seamlessly from start to finish. Kyle’s driving force in life is to help individuals rediscover themselves and embrace a future filled with hope and fulfillment.


Lisa Tomsak

​Lisa Tomsak, DO Medical Director

Royal Life Centers Prescott, Arizona

Dr. Lisa Tomsak, DO, currently holds the position of Medical Director at our Royal Life Centers in Prescott, Arizona. Since joining in 2016, she has skillfully overseen the medical services provided by Royal Life Centers. Dr. Tomsak is doubly certified in internal and addiction medicine, reflecting her wide-ranging expertise in these areas. She received her Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Wilkes Barre University.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Tomsak offers a holistic range of medical care to our clients. She employs a thorough approach to treatment, focusing on relapse prevention and the promotion of enduring recovery strategies. Her profound dedication to substance abuse treatment is noteworthy, and her commitment to achieving excellence is without equal. Through her constant dedication, Dr. Tomsak has markedly enhanced the caliber of our medical services and standards, underscoring her invaluable contribution to the field.

Justin Millard

Justin Milliard, MS, LAC Clinical Director

Royal Life Centers Prescott, Arizona

Justin Millard serves as the clinical director for Royal Life Centers’ treatment facilities in Prescott, Arizona. He joined Vogue Recovery Centers in 2021 as a therapist and clinical manager. Justin holds a master’s degree in professional counseling and is a licensed associate counselor (LAC) with certifications in trauma-informed care and trauma competency. Inspired by his family’s background in social work, Justin embarked on a career in behavioral health, positively impacting clients’ lives for over a decade by helping them in their recovery from substance abuse and mental health challenges.

As clinical director for Royal Life Centers’ Arizona rehabs, Justin provides guidance and support to our clinicians and guests throughout their treatment in detox, residential treatment, and aftercare. He also plays a pivotal role in upholding the clinical objectives of our outpatient program in Arizona. Justin Millard finds the most rewarding aspect of his work in helping individuals enhance their quality of life and find fulfillment in their recovery. During his leisure time, he enjoys cherishing moments with his family, attending counseling conferences, staying active, and seeking well-deserved relaxation in sunny, beachside destinations.

What To Expect at Rehab in Arizona

Located in sunny Arizona, our treatment centers provide evidence-based, trauma-focused treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues in a home-like setting. With a full continuum of care that includes medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment, we can meet clients wherever they are on their recovery path.

Our team is made up of highly trained and compassionate addiction specialists. They personalize therapy to address each client’s unique needs, experiences, and aspirations. Traditional therapies such as individual, group, and family therapy, as well as alternative approaches such as EMDR, meditation, yoga, and fitness, are all part of our holistic professional approach.

Admissions Process

Our Arizona treatment program admissions process is designed to be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. We understand that deciding to seek addiction treatment can be tough, and we want our clients to feel supported at every step of the way.

We believe in treating each individual with compassion and empathy. Our team is comprised of experienced specialists who are dedicated to supporting you in achieving long-term rehabilitation. You will be greeted with warmth and understanding when you contact us.

Simply fill out our online admissions form to begin your journey to a healthier, happier life. This will provide us with some basic information about you and your situation, helping us to better understand how we can help you. We may also ask for additional information or documents to ensure that our program matches your needs.

Following the submission of the form, a member of our admissions staff will call you to schedule a consultation. This allows us to obtain more information about your specific circumstance and create tailored therapy recommendations. We acknowledge that each person is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before entering treatment for substance abuse, most people have a long list of questions and concerns. To help you gain a better understanding of what to expect during treatment at our Arizona rehab centers, we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Is smoking allowed in rehab?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas at our rehabilitation facilities. However, any cigarettes delivered into the facility must be in sealed packs or cartons. The same rule applies to cigarettes sent or delivered by family members or friends. Throughout the admissions process, our team will gladly provide you with additional information on these requirements.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, in most cases, we can provide repayment choices tailored to your specific situation. For more information about personal repayment options, please contact our admissions staff. They’ll be pleased to assist you.

What insurance providers do you accept?

We accept all major insurance types at our treatment centers. For additional information on insurance and treatment costs, please contact our admissions staff or complete our online insurance verification form.

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?

Yes, we provide complete dual diagnoses along with a variety of treatment options. Our primary goal is to treat addiction while also addressing the underlying causes of substance use disorders. Our objective is to deliver effective, holistic care that addresses both symptoms and underlying causes.

Are Arizona treatment centers coed?

Yes, our Arizona facilities welcome both men and women. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender.

To ensure optimum privacy, we have separate gender-specific accommodation wings in our detox facilities.

We also provide gender-specific care for men and women during our residential treatment programs at Royal Life Centers locations in Prescott, Arizona. 

Arizona Substance Abuse Statistics

Every year, numerous residents of Arizona state battle addiction to drugs or alcohol. When individuals become ensnared in substance abuse, they face an uphill battle in controlling their cravings. This not only jeopardizes their financial stability but also puts their social standing, employment, and clean legal record at risk.

Here are some facts and stats about common substances of abuse that people in Arizona can become addicted to:

Cocaine Addiction in Arizona

Phoenix Arizona ranks first in the nation for cocaine use by city, with a stunning 23.3% of the city’s 1,563,025 residents having used the drug.   Even more incredibly, Mesa, Arizona is in second place, with 22.5% of the 471,000-strong population having used the drug.

As a leading healthcare provider in Phoenix, Aliya Health Group is dedicated to addressing this issue and providing support for those struggling with substance abuse. We understand the impact that drug use can have on an individual’s physical and mental health. That’s why our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive treatment options for those facing addiction.

Meth Addiction in Arizona State

Meth abuse is increasing in Arizona.  High purity, low cost methamphetamine is readily available, and the drug is abused throughout the state. The drug is getting stronger too, with reports of “super meth” proliferating throughout the state. The Arizona state government has designated methamphetamine the state’s top drug threat. 

The availability of meth in Arizona has led to a rise in the number of individuals struggling with addiction. This potent drug not only affects the physical health of users but also takes a toll on their mental health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, meth abuse can also result in overdose and death. In Maricopa and Pima counties, methamphetamine was the leading cause of fatal overdoses in 2019 (670). And meth overdose deaths have been steadily climbing, with a 79% increase from 2016 to 2019. 

Opioid Addiction in Arizona State

More than five people die every day of opioid overdose in Arizona. The rate of fatal opioid overdose was 22.3 per 100,000 for Maricopa County and the rate of non-fatal opioid overdose was 46.7 per 100,000.  According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, the estimated overdose death rate for all drugs was 41.9 per 100,000 in Maricopa County (MCDPH, 2023). In Phoenix alone, almost 1,000 people lost their lives due to drug overdose in 2022. Out of those deaths, 692 were opioid-related. These numbers are alarming and highlight the growing crisis of opioid addiction in our community.

At Aliya Health Group, we understand the devastating impact that opioid addiction can have on individuals and their families. That’s why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment options for those struggling with this epidemic. Our team consists of highly trained medical professionals who specialize in treating opioid addiction. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, addressing not only the physical aspects but also the mental and emotional well-being of our clients.

Heroin and Fentanyl Addiction in Arizona State

Fentanyl is present and affecting communities throughout Arizona. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to treat severe pain that is 100 times stronger than morphine. Even a small amount, as little as 2 milligrams, can be fatal. From 2012-2021, the overdose death rate for fentanyl and other synthetic opioids increased by over 6,000% in Maricopa County alone. Young people have been hit especially hard by this scourge. In both 2020 and 2021, opioids were the key factor in 91% of overdose deaths for those between the ages of 15 and 24. 

At Aliya Health Group, we understand the impact of fentanyl addiction on individuals and their loved ones. Our team of medical professionals has extensive experience in treating opioid addiction and helping patients achieve lasting recovery. We offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s needs, including medication-assisted treatment combined with therapy and counseling.

Self-Assessment: Am I Addicted?

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You Are Not Alone

Addiction is an ever-growing problem in the United States.Opioids currently account for two-thirds (69%) of all drug-related deaths, with 55 individuals dying every day from an overdose of illegal or prescribed opioids.

Unfortunately, Arizona is no different, with opioids accounting for more than 68% of all drug overdose deaths. The Arizona Department of Health and Human Services Opioid Overdoses Surveillance Report, 2020-2021 found that:

Aliya Health Group aims to turn these stats around with person-centered care for those who need addiction treatment. If you or a loved one is seeking help for addiction, call 888-973-2078 to speak with our admissions team today.

Arizona Treatment Resources

You can find further assistance by accessing some or all of the following Arizona addiction resources:

Aliya Health Group also supplies recovery resources such as rehabilitation programs, therapy sessions, and support groups for individuals struggling with addiction. These resources are designed to help clients develop healthy coping mechanisms and establish a strong support system during their journey toward recovery.

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Arizona Cost?

Every person seeking help for substance misuse has a unique combination of circumstances, which is why there is no set cost for treatment. The cost of rehab varies with each client and is primarily decided by the degree of treatment, duration, and therapy services used to best suit their requirements, goals, and preferences.

Similarly, people pay for recovery in Arizona using a variety of methods. Some Arizonans prefer to pay out of pocket, while others rely on insurance coverage. Non-profit groups also provide free or low-cost addiction treatment programs to people who cannot afford or do not have insurance coverage. For those who have insurance, we work with you and your clinician to determine your coverage and create a personalized treatment and payment plan that meets your specific needs.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab in Arizona?

Our addiction treatment center accepts various private insurance plans, working with both large and small providers such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Healthcare. We also accept AHCCCS. 

If you’re among the approximately 700,000 people who didn’t have private or public insurance in Arizona, then you might be wondering what your options are. For those who don’t have private or state-funded insurance, we will work with you to set up a private payment plan or discuss alternative payment options. Give us a call at 888-564-1986 or fill out our secure insurance verification form if you’re looking for an estimate of what your ideal treatment plan would cost.

We Accept Health Insurance

Our Arizona rehab centers accept most major health insurance providers on both a national and local level.
We currently work with the following insurance plans:

Check to see if your insurance is in-network at one of our rehab facilities.

Can I Go to Rehab in Arizona Without Insurance?

Arizona has both state-funded and free rehabilitation clinics, and the majority of them accept private donations. You are also welcome to visit our Arizona rehabilitation centers without insurance. Payment options are also available to individuals who want financial assistance. There are also additional treatment payment choices available based on your situation.

Our admissions team is pleased to discuss this option with you and provide a cost estimate based on your treatment plan. Please call us at 888-973-2078 to find out more about your rehab payment options.

Client Testimonials

Marcus C
Marcus C
Royal Life Centers Alumni
Read More
Royal Life Detox center pretty much saved my life. The facility and the staff are just top notch. Anybody who is trying to detox and start the process of getting clean off of alcohol or drugs should absolutely check this place out. You will not regret it.
Jesse M
Jesse M
Royal Life Centers Alumni
Read More
Royal Life Centers has been a very complete recovery experience, needed at this point in my life - fair/relaxed and real. All staff including my case manager has been completely supportive and helpful in my time here at Royal. Definitely recommend this program to those I meet in the future
Thomas Y
Thomas Y
Royal Life Centers Alumni
Read More
Overall Royal is a great steeping stone towards recognizing the true benefits of sobriety, an life is a beautiful thing to experience while being sober. Thanks to Royal I'm able to take that journey with confidence an reassurance. Great staff an overall great environment.
Nick N
Nick N
Vogue Alumni
Read More
This location is very knowledgeable and understanding. Bill does awesome groups that are very informative. AJ is fantastic! All of the staff here are awesome! Irma was very nice and helped very firmly on helping us return to our life’s. Great place I would recommend for anyone in need of detox. Ryan was also a great nurse and very understanding about all my issues. Thank you Vogue for helping me get a new start!
Conner W
Conner W
Vogue Alumni
Read More
Best detox I’ve ever been to. Staff and nurses actually care. They were very quick to get me checked in. Beautiful decor and comfortable beds/couches. Very clean. Good food. Could go on all day I honestly can’t say a bad word about them other than maybe more activities in the rec room but even that is still a few fun things to pass the time..

Where Is Rehab in Arizona Located?

If you live in Arizona, we have treatment programs that can help you get better. We operate addiction treatment center locations in Phoenix and Prescott, Arizona.

Find Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Arizona

Aliya Health Group Arizona rehab facilities that specialize in addiction treatment include:

Treatment Locations

Vogue Recovery Center
Phoenix, Arizona

4122 North 17th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Detox, Residential, PHP, OP | Veterans Program

Arizona, Royal Life Centers, Prescott

Royal Life Detox
Prescott, Arizona

831 Gail Gardner Way
Prescott, AZ 86301

Medical Detox | Safe, Comfortable, Effective Care With 24/7 Nursing Staff

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5
Prescott, Arizona

818 W Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305

Residential Treatment, IOP, OP, Sober Living | Male Only Programming

Royal Life Centers at Seaglass
Prescott, Arizona

707 W Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ 86305

Residential Treatment, IOP, OP, Sober Living | Female Only Programming

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