David McGarry


David McGarry

David McGarry

Vice President of Business Development

David has worked in the behavioral health field for over a decade. He has held several outreach positions as well as a number of treatment roles where he worked directly with patients. David earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Penn State University. He is certified in several patient interaction areas including crisis intervention and motivational interviewing. David has worked with many patient populations including adolescents, adults, unhoused people, and veterans. In 2015, David transitioned into outreach-focused roles because he saw it as an opportunity to play a larger part in recovery by connecting more people with effective substance use treatment.

David was drawn to this work out of a desire to help people. He says playing a small, positive role in an individual’s recovery is what he finds most rewarding about his job. David was born in Chicago, and moved over 15 times before he was 15, spending the most time in Ohio. He grew up playing basketball and enjoys the team mentality that comes with his work now. In his free time, David enjoys sports, movies, comic books, physical activity, and spending time with family.

“Footprints to Recovery’s alumni program has shown me that sobriety can be fun and that I never have to be alone.”


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