Chaim Strassman

Chaim Strassman

Chaim Strassman, MPA

Director of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Chaim joined Aliya Health Group in 2021 as a human resource specialist before transitioning into his current role as director of human resources and talent acquisition. He oversees company benefits and handbook compliance while helping hiring managers acquire top-level talent for Aliya and its treatment centers. Before joining Aliya Health Group, Chaim held director roles with the National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY). Chaim earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Yeshiva University, a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School for Public and International Affairs and has received clinical pastoral education (CPE) as a hospital chaplain at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.

Chaim is known for creating an atmosphere that supports collaboration and positive work relationships. He enjoys connecting with people across the country and supporting their personal and professional growth. In his free time, Chaim enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, as well as participating in fantasy football and baseball leagues and volunteering with his local synagogue and day school.

Vogue was a very good place for me to go for recovery. The staff are easy to talk to about your problems with addictions, Alcoholism, and personal life. They help getting sober a little easier. I am glad I came here and recommend this place to anyone wanting help.

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