Addiction and Mental Health Resources for Veterans and First Responders

Nobody should have to deal with addiction and mental health disorders on their own. This is especially true for veterans and first responders who put themselves in danger for the good of society on a regular basis.  Aliya Health Group offers resources for members of the military, police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and any other emergency services personnel so they can learn more about their issues and find the strength to overcome them. 

When veterans and first responders put their lives on the line for our safety, it can leave a lasting mark on their physical and mental health. The stress and danger that veterans and first responders deal with daily leads many to turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to escape after returning home from combat or after a difficult day at work.

Resources for Veterans

Veterans and First Responders and Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug use is unfortunately how some veterans and first responders deal with the danger, stress, and anxiety of their profession. Issues like PTSD from a tour of duty overseas or trauma from a situation as a police officer or firefighter can cause someone to want to escape from reality. Unfortunately, this opens the door for addiction and substance abuse.

It’s not easy to ask for help. That’s why Aliya Health Group has compiled a list of resources for addiction that veterans and first responders can use to learn more about addiction, trauma, and recovery. These resources can act as the first step on your journey to a life free from the confines of addiction.

Veterans and First Responders and Mental Health

Mental health disorders are not rare when it comes to veterans and first responders. Treatment for trauma and PTSD is crucial in tackling substance abuse challenges head-on as many veterans and first responders turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their mental health issues.

Successful treatment prioritizes addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse through evidence-based and comprehensive therapies that target past traumas. By confronting their underlying trauma and PTSD, individuals can pave the way for positive change, resulting in enhanced mental well-being and an increased probability of successfully overcoming substance abuse disorders.

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How Soon Can I Get Help?

No one should have to wait to heal, which is why our specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you through the admissions process every step of the way.

Resources for Veterans and First Responders

While some veterans may get help for their substance abuse and mental health, many others do not. Why that is the case is due to several different factors. The reality is that getting help is the best thing you can do when struggling with addiction. Aliya Health Group offers resources for veterans and first responders that remove the barrier to treatment and help get someone on the right path to a brighter future.

Addiction Resources for Veterans and First Responders

It’s an unfortunate fact that some veterans and first responders do not get the help they need. Some may be resistant to getting help, others, however, may not know where they can go to get help. In order to assist the community, Aliya Health Group has compiled a few helpful resources for addiction that can aid veterans and first responders in their journey to sobriety. These resources offer evidence-based healing practices along with holistic treatments for a well-rounded approach to recovery. 

To learn more about addiction resources for veterans and first responders, follow any of these links:

If you are a veteran or first responder and need help with substance abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out to Aliya Health Group today. Aliya is here to help you find the right place to overcome addiction and substance abuse and move on to a brighter future.

Mental Health Resources for Veterans and First Responders

Access to mental health support is vital for veterans and first responders. Finding valuable mental health resources is one of the best ways to overcome mental health disorders and move on to a happy and healthy life. In many cases, mental health disorders can even cause someone to abuse drugs and alcohol to the point of addiction. Aliya Health Group is here to help. 

To learn more about mental health resources for veterans and first responders, follow any of these links:

Mental health resources for those who put their lives on the line for our safety are crucial for a happy and healthy life. Mental health challenges can often feel stressful and difficult, but with the help of these resources, you can realize a brighter future. 

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Resources for Veterans and First Responders
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Where Else Can Veterans and First Responders Go for Help?

Navigating addiction and mental illness can be overwhelming, often leaving individuals uncertain about the next steps. Despite the desire to heal, many may hesitate to seek help or feel lost in determining where to turn. This is where the invaluable resources tailored for veterans and first responders come into play, serving as a vital starting point for embarking on the journey of recovery.

While resources provide essential guidance, their efficacy has limits. Ultimately, individuals will require professional addiction treatment from specialized centers to progress further. Recovery facilities offer crucial support, guiding individuals towards sobriety through detoxification with continuous monitoring and assistance from dedicated staff. Post-detox, clients undergo a blend of therapy and counseling sessions aimed at addressing unresolved trauma from their service. Through this process, they cultivate greater self-awareness, understanding the root causes behind their substance use. Additionally, they prepare for the future by setting goals for both their recovery and reintegration into civilian life.

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Aliya Health Group's Resources for Veterans and First Responders

Aliya Health Group’s Valor Program offers a specialized treatment approach for addiction and mental illness, delivering trauma-focused care. Our caring and dedicated staff are trained in military culture sensitivity and trauma. Many of them served in various branches of the military themselves. This allows us to provide specialized treatment for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), substance abuse, and other mental health issues commonly experienced by veterans.

Highlights of our veteran and first responder treatment program include:

Transitioning back to civilian life post-deployment or after treatment can pose significant challenges for combat veterans. Our dedicated counselors and case managers collaborate closely with clients to prepare them for everyday life after rehab. Our clients learn coping strategies and trigger management techniques that provide effective alternatives to using alcohol or other drugs. Through personalized relapse prevention plans, we can also minimize the risk of setbacks. 

Contact our team at Aliya today and learn more about how the Valor Program can help you overcome trauma and addiction. To speak with one of our experienced admissions specialists, call 888-973-2078.

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