Help For a Loved One’s Mental Illness

When it comes to seeking support for a loved one struggling with mental illness, the first steps can often feel like the most daunting. Finding the right approach may seem complicated, especially considering that your loved one may react with feelings of embarrassment or defensiveness when their mental health is the topic of conversation. While you believe that they would benefit from professional mental health treatment, knowing where to begin can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Aliya Health Group is here for you every step of the way. From exploring care options or guiding you through the entire rehabilitation process and beyond, our support is a wonderful resource. We’re committed to supporting you in preparing for that crucial conversation about seeking mental and behavioral health treatment for your loved one.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of mental health therapists so we can offer our assistance in kickstarting the process.

What Is Mental Illness?

Mental illness refers to a wide range of conditions that affect a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, or behavior. These conditions can vary in severity and may interfere with a person’s ability to function in daily life. Mental illnesses are often caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.

Common types of mental illness include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), among others. Each of these has its own set of signs, symptoms, and treatment methodologies. The best way to overcome these problems is with the help of mental health therapists who can diagnose and treat mental health disorders. 

Most mental illnesses can be classified between the DSM-5 scale of mild, moderate, or severe disorders. Even mild mental health issues can afflict one’s life, so care and support are always important.

Finding help from a mental health treatment provider like Aliya Health Group is a wonderful option for recovery. Our admissions team is available around the clock to help anyone achieve lasting mental strength and clarity. 

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How Soon Can My Loved One Get Help?

No one should have to wait to heal, which is why our specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you and your loved one through the admissions process every step of the way.

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Common Mental Health Disorders Explained

Mental illness is a prevalent issue in America and around the world. The National Institute on Mental Health estimates that in the U.S. alone, over one in five people have a mental illness. Notably, anxiety and depressive disorders are the most common. The exact causes of mental health issues are still unknown. Yet, it’s believed that a combination of factors contributes to whether a person develops a mental illness. Therefore, treatment for mental disorders needs to look at background information along with the problems the illness is creating in the individual’s life.

Some mental disorders that require support and treatment are:

Coping with mental illness poses a challenge due to its impact on daily functioning. Individuals often struggle significantly in their day-to-day lives due to the symptoms of their mental health disorder. These issues can be connected, with some experiencing symptoms of multiple disorders at the same time. This can make diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

Thankfully certified mental health treatment providers like Aliya Health Group are here to guide you and your loved one on the road to recovery. 

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Mental Illness?

The signs and symptoms of mental illness vary depending on the different disorders. Even the same disorder can manifest itself differently within people. However, there are some general behavioral signs that may indicate your loved one is struggling with their mental health.

Here are some general changes in mood or behavior that can indicate a mental health disorder:

If you notice any of these signs in someone close to you, they may be having trouble with their mental health. These issues can be mentally and physically draining, particularly for loved ones who witness the situation. Feelings of guilt or shame over not being able to “act normal” are common among those who suffer from mental illness. Unfortunately, there remains a stigma not only around mental illness but also around getting help.

Nevertheless, the most effective approach to effectively managing life with a mental illness is to address symptoms through therapy and rehabilitation. Finding treatment for mental illness can bring relief to your loved one, fostering healing and equipping them with coping mechanisms for a more fulfilling future.

Why Should Someone Get Help for Mental Illness?

Mental health treatment offers many benefits. Clients facing co-occurring substance use disorders (SUD) and mental illness receive comprehensive care that addresses these issues as interrelated. Recognizing that real healing means addressing all underlying conditions is key to a full recovery. It helps individuals learn skills and strategies to manage their mental health. They can use these tools throughout their lives.

Individuals undergoing treatment for mental illness are provided with a dedicated case manager to support them throughout their rehabilitation journey. For those who find relief through medication in managing their symptoms, medically assisted treatment is available as an option. 

Simply put, getting treatment for mental health issues is one of the best ways to get better. Aliya Health Group has safe and effective treatments for all. 

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Types of Help for Mental Health

Mental health care hasn’t always been very helpful, historically speaking. But today, with far less of a stigma surrounding mental health, advanced treatment options, and with the right treatment center, anyone can turn things around and live a happy and healthy life. 

Accessing help for mental health shouldn’t be confusing. Even though mental illness has many causes, getting treatment should be straightforward. That’s why at Aliya Health Group, we offer a range of treatment options and therapies. Different people find different programs work best for them, so we’re flexible at every stage.

We provide cutting-edge, evidence-based practices and therapies. Our aim is for everyone to discover a program that suits them best. That’s why our case managers collaborate closely with clients to develop individual treatment plans. We promote individuality and self-expression through our diverse range of therapies.  

Contact our admissions team today and find the treatment center that offers you the best chance at a brighter future. 

Levels of Care for Mental Health Treatment

We provide different levels of care for mental health treatment. Clients can move through the levels as they heal and grow or can enter treatment at different places according to their needs. Please note that detox is only applicable to those struggling with co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse. If you or a loved one aren’t using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate for a mental health issue, then detox probably won’t be necessary. 

Our levels of care for addiction treatment include: 

These levels of care are overseen by caring, dedicated, and experienced therapists and treatment professionals. Their goal is to help everyone find the path to stronger mental health.

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Mental Health Treatment Therapies

Mental Health treatment therapies include various evidence-based and holistic approaches that work to treat each condition. These therapies encompass a range of techniques and interventions designed to address the unique needs of individuals struggling with mental health disorders. 

Some common evidence-based mental health treatment therapies include: 

These evidence-based therapies may be used in conjunction with holistic treatment options for a well-rounded approach to mental health recovery. 

Some of the most popular holistic mental health treatment options include:

Holistic treatments aim to address the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit to promote overall well-being and mental health recovery. Through using different therapies, techniques, and lifestyle changes, holistic approaches can support individuals in achieving greater balance, resilience, and well-being on their journey toward improved mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health

Mental health disorders are challenging to deal with. Most of us just wish the problem would go away. Unfortunately, mental health doesn’t work like that. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about getting help for mental illness. If you have other worries or questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Who does mental illness affect?

Mental illness doesn’t just impact the individual experiencing it. It affects those around them as well. Family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and more can all feel a strain when someone they know is having mental health issues. 

What should I do when I realize a loved one has a mental health issue?

It’s great that you’re trying to help the person you care about! Take the time to learn about the specific mental health issue your loved one is facing. Understand the symptoms, potential triggers, and available treatments. This knowledge will help you provide better support. Find a private and appropriate time to express your concerns to your loved one. Use non-judgmental language and express your care and support for them.

Finally, get help and advice from a certified mental health treatment provider like Aliya Health Group. 

Who offers help for mental illness recovery?

Mental health treatment is best provided by licensed mental health professionals. Our team of knowledgeable therapists, counselors, and clinicians is empathetic and committed to providing judgment-free spaces of conversation and healing.

What is the best treatment for mental health?

The most comprehensive treatment for mental health is a mixture of therapy, counseling, and medication management. Different mental health disorders may have specific therapies that offer more effective relief. Speaking with a professional clinician can offer more insight into which therapies are best for someone’s unique situation. 

Mental Health Recovery at Aliya Health Group

At Aliya Health Group, our approach to treatment fosters hope and healing. We simplify the admissions process so your loved one can start getting the help they need right away. We also provide specialized programs such as our Valor program for veterans, our Native American recovery program, and dual diagnosis treatment for individuals facing co-occurring disorders. 

Please reach out through our contact form or by phone. We can help you get your loved one everything they need for their mental health recovery. 

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