It’s difficult to get through to a loved one struggling with substance abuse because drugs and alcohol are calling all the shots in their life. Addiction is a disease that has taken over their brain, behaviors, and personality. Sometimes, enlisting the help of a professional trained in communicating with people who are in the throes of addiction and resistant to treatment is the best way to move forward. Hearing loved ones share how their drinking and drug use has impacted their lives and how concerned they are for them is often a turning point for some people with addictions.

We Can Refer You to an Interventionist

Finding the right interventionist can feel overwhelming. We have relationships with some of the most effective and experienced interventionists and we can connect you with them. Our admissions specialists will speak with you about your loved one and refer you to appropriate interventionists for your situation. Call us at: 888-973-2078.
Refer Interventionist
Interventions Are Effective

Why Interventions Are Effective

Interventions are typically more effective when led by a trained interventionist. They can guide the conversation and make sure everyone is communicating respectfully and honestly. A professional interventionist can help you communicate in a way that doesn’t put your addicted loved one on the defense. They’ll work with you ahead of time to plan what you will say and how to best say it. They can help set up the transition to treatment should your loved one agree to go.
An interventionist can also answer any questions your loved one has about treatment. Many of them have been through treatment themselves. For instance, they can tell them what detoxing from drugs and alcohol is really like and why going through it in a medical facility is necessary. They can also refer them to treatment centers and talk about what they can expect during a typical day in treatment.

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