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Aliya Health Group is here to offer support to clients and their families throughout each step of the addiction recovery process. Our unwavering support starts when you contact our helpful and friendly admissions team to get started. From there our guidance and therapy can help anyone overcome their problems with drugs and alcohol. We even help you throughout the aftercare process to ensure sobriety remains a top priority in your life or the life of a loved one.

We offer a variety of treatment programs across the United States. This allows us to provide comprehensive care to a wide range of clients struggling with addiction and mental illness. We understand that family is a priority. Our goal is to guide people toward a brighter future free from drugs and alcohol. 

Clients and their families can feel reassured knowing that our clinical teams consist of extensively qualified addiction and behavioral health specialists who are deeply committed to their work. They view their profession as a calling rather than just a job. We are genuinely dedicated to assisting each client in their recovery journey and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives. Observing the remarkable transformations that take place in our treatment centers daily, as clients progress towards healthier, more resilient, and optimistic futures, is a source of great pride for us.

If you and your family need support during the recovery process, contact our team at Aliya Health Group today and learn more about our support services.

How Do Addiction Treatment Centers Offer Support?

There are many ways in which a treatment center can support you and your family as you take steps to end addiction. From helping you find the right therapies and programming to helping you get through detox, the benefits of having a professional team caring for you can make all the difference. 

The support and guidance of treatment specialists can help anyone turn their life around and stop using drugs and alcohol. But what does that process look like?

Here’s how an addiction treatment center can help you and your family throughout the process.

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How Soon Can My Loved One Get Help?

No one should have to wait to heal, which is why our specialists are available 24/7 to help guide you and your loved one through the admissions process every step of the way.

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Admissions Assessment

An admissions assessment for addiction treatment is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the Aliya admissions team to gather information about an individual’s history. Family dynamics are also a topic of conversation during the assessment as the family can play an important role in the recovery process. This assessment is the first step in the treatment process and helps determine the most appropriate level and type of care going forward.

Here are some of the things that happen or are discussed during the assessment:

A successful admissions assessment is the first step on the journey to a brighter future. The helpful and supportive team at Aliya Health Group.

Guidance Through Each Level of Care

Rehabilitation isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. Instead, professional addiction treatment centers offer multiple levels of care for more effective treatment. Which level of care you belong in is something your treatment coordinators will determine during your assessment.

The levels of care provided by Aliya include:

Deciding which level of care to start with and which to progress through isn’t a decision you make on your own. Your case manager and therapy team offer their expertise when creating a unique addiction treatment plan suited to your needs.

Support in Aftercare

Support from your treatment team doesn’t end when treatment does. Instead, aftercare is when having the support and guidance of a professional treatment team is most valuable. These experts are your support system. When you’re out in the world after completing treatment, it’s normal to feel urges and cravings or to experience triggers that cause relapse. Your treatment team in aftercare can help prevent that from happening through things like recovery support groups, continued counseling, and offering a friendly, supportive face when things aren’t going well.

When you feel like drinking or doing drugs, your case manager is only a phone call or text away. Your treatment center can also help you find resources like sober living that provide a certain level of structure and accountability which can aid in the transition back to normal life following recovery.

Substance Abuse Assessment: Is My Loved One Addicted?

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Family Therapy

Family therapy, also referred to as family counseling or family systems therapy, is a therapeutic approach aimed at enhancing communication and resolving conflicts within families. It operates on the premise that families function as interconnected systems, where changes affecting one member, such as addiction, can impact the entire familial dynamic. The primary objective of family therapy is to identify and rectify patterns of interaction, dysfunctional behaviors, and underlying issues contributing to familial discord. By addressing these factors, family therapy endeavors to bolster overall familial relations while also targeting specific challenges like substance use disorders and their associated complications.

During family counseling sessions, a trained therapist facilitates discussions and activities involving multiple family members. Through guided conversations, role-playing exercises, and other therapeutic techniques, family members are encouraged to explore their thoughts, emotions, and experiences related to specific issues. This process fosters improved communication, empathy, and understanding among family members, ultimately fostering healthier familial dynamics.

Questions About Treatment?
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Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment

Addiction and mental health disorders are challenging to deal with. Most of us just wish the problem would go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions about getting help. If you have other worries or questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

Who does addiction affect?

Addiction doesn’t just impact the individual experiencing it. It affects those around them as well. Family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and more can all feel a strain when someone they know is having issues. 

What should I do when I realize a loved one has a problem?

It’s great that you’re trying to help the person you care about! Take the time to learn about the specific issue your loved one is facing. Understand the symptoms, potential triggers, and available treatments. This knowledge will help you provide better support. Find a private and appropriate time to express your concerns to your loved one. Use non-judgmental language and express your care and support for them.

Finally, get help and advice from a certified treatment provider like Aliya Health Group. 

Who can help with recovery?

 Treatment is best provided by licensed clinical professionals. Our team of knowledgeable therapists, counselors, and clinicians is empathetic and committed to providing judgment-free spaces of conversation and healing.

What is the best treatment program?

The most comprehensive treatment for addiction and mental health is a mixture of therapy, counseling, and medication management. Different mental health disorders may have specific therapies that offer more effective relief. Speaking with a professional clinician can offer more insight into which therapies are best for someone’s unique situation. 

Family Support at Aliya Health Group

At Aliya Health Group, our approach to treatment fosters hope and healing for you and your family. We simplify the admissions process so you or your loved one can start getting the help they need right away. We also provide specialized programs such as our Valor program for veterans, our Native American recovery program, and dual diagnosis treatment for individuals facing co-occurring disorders. 

Please reach out through our contact form or by phone. 

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