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At Aliya Health Group, we provide a full continuum of care within our drug and alcohol rehab programs at Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona. 

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Vogue Recovery Center offers detox, residential, and outpatient treatment services to a wide range of clients seeking help for substance abuse and mental illness in and around Phoenix, Arizona.

Vogue Recovery Center Drug & Alcohol Rehabs in Phoenix, AZ

At Vogue Recovery Center’s rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, we understand the complexity of addiction and the delicate process of recovery. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where individuals struggling with substance abuse can heal and reclaim their lives.

Located in the vibrant city of Phoenix, Arizona, our state-of-the-art rehab facility offers a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services. From inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient programs, our team of specialists is dedicated to guiding each client through a personalized recovery process. The programs and services provided by Vogue Recovery Center can help you gain access to vital support for addiction recovery in the heart of the desert.

Help for Addiction in Phoenix, AZ

Recognizing the need for help is the first courageous step on the path to recovery. In Phoenix, AZ, Vogue Recovery Center stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking to break free from the chains of addiction. Our addiction treatment programs and recovery support services address the unique needs of each individual, focusing on the underlying causes of substance abuse to foster lasting change. With a compassionate and experienced staff, alongside a range of cutting-edge treatment modalities, our clients can expect a holistic approach that combines medical care, therapy, and support systems to ensure a comprehensive and effective recovery.

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction in Arizona, there’s no need to wait for help. Vogue Recovery Centers’ team of dedicated clinicians is available round the clock to assist you in transforming your life. With a quick and clear admissions process for addiction treatment in Arizona, you can channel all your energy into the healing process.

Vogue Recovery Center
Arizona Rehab Highlights

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What to Expect at Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona

Set in Phoenix, Vogue Recovery Center in Arizona offers a comfortable environment for the work of recovery. Located in a metropolitan area, our Phoenix treatment center takes a holistic approach to recovery within a full continuum of care.

When you walk through the doors of our facility, you can expect to be greeted by a supportive community committed to your well-being. Upon arrival, you’ll undergo an assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care for your recovery journey. Our intake process is thorough, ensuring that we tailor a treatment plan specifically for you, designed to address your physical, emotional, and psychological health. Throughout your stay with us, you’ll have access to a multidisciplinary team that includes addiction medicine physicians, therapists, and support staff dedicated to your recovery.

Upon entering treatment in Arizona, clients begin treatment in our medical detox program before entering our residential treatment program. Following inpatient treatment, we provide continuing care services in our outpatient treatment programs. As clients progress through our substance abuse treatment programs, they seamlessly transition through the levels of care, receiving more freedoms and responsibilities as they work towards independent living.

Our Detox and Rehab Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona, the best addiction treatment centers are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable experience for individuals seeking to get rid of all alcohol and drugs from their bodies. Our state-of-the-art detox and rehab facilities use the latest medical, holistic, and therapeutic methods to ensure your well-being throughout your time in treatment. 

Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona, stands as a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with the challenges of alcohol and drug addiction. Our detox and rehab programs are meticulously designed to offer a comprehensive approach to recovery, ensuring that each client receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs. In the serene desert landscape of Phoenix, our clients find a peaceful retreat where healing and transformation begin.

In addition to our comprehensive treatment programs, Vogue Recovery Center boasts luxurious amenities that ensure our clients’ stay is comfortable and conducive to healing. From gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs to fitness facilities and serene outdoor spaces for reflection, every aspect of our center is designed with our clients’ well-being in mind.

If you or a loved one requires drug or alcohol addiction treatment services in Phoenix, Arizona, our compassionate admissions coordinators are here to guide you through the initial steps of the rehab process.

We accept in-and-out-of-state clients and proudly support military veterans. Aliya Health Group does not discriminate based on age, sex, or gender.

Rehab Programs and Services in Phoenix, AZ

AZ Rehab Information

Vogue Recovery Center's Arizona Rehab Programs

Vogue Recovery Center’s rehab programs are structured to offer the spectrum of care required for comprehensive addiction recovery. Our rehab facility in Phoenix, Arizona, provides a full continuum of care to accommodate various needs and stages of recovery.

At Vogue Recovery Centers in Phoenix, Arizona, clients can participate in programs including:

Vogue Recovery Center is located just a short drive from the beautiful downtown area of Phoenix, providing a peaceful and serene environment for our clients to focus on their recovery.

During treatment at Vogue Recovery Center, our clinicians provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services to support you through the transition from your recovery program back to normal life. Our dedicated team walks alongside each client in their transformative journey, guiding them to acquire essential skills for a healthy, substance-free life. We provide crucial clinical support in the early stages, fostering an atmosphere of safety, healing, and hope.

Inpatient Rehab in Arizona

Our inpatient treatment in a residential setting provides 24-hour support in a calming and safe environment. This allows clients to focus only on their rehabilitation, without outside distractions or temptations. 

Our inpatient rehab programs in Phoenix, Arizona include:

In Arizona, our inpatient rehab programs offer round-the-clock care from our expert team, employing a variety of strategies such as individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of addiction. Our holistic approach melds evidence-based therapies with trauma-informed care, experiential groups, family involvement, and comprehensive case management, all designed to bolster our clients on their path to recovery.

Throughout the detox and residential treatment phases, our dedicated therapists and counselors in Arizona provide unwavering support, guiding clients towards achieving their recovery objectives, mastering effective coping mechanisms, and confronting the underlying factors of their addiction.

Arizona Detox Program

Detoxing from drugs and alcohol is safe and as comfortable as possible in the care of our team of doctors, addiction therapists, and behavioral health technicians. With a highly experienced clinical staff as well as state-of-the-art detox facilities, you or your loved one is in good hands at Vogue Recovery Center.

Depending on the level of care needed, we provide two forms of detoxification including:

Our comprehensive alcohol and drug detox program starts with a thorough clinical assessment, followed by a carefully tailored medical regimen. Our dedicated staff provides continuous monitoring and administers appropriate medications to alleviate any discomfort or pain you may experience during detox. 

Residential Treatment Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

During residential treatment at Vogue Recovery Center, clients live in a home-like environment with semi-private rooms. Our medical director meets with clients within hours of intake and continues to closely monitor and assess them during weekly visits. We have registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses on staff and clients also meet with our psychiatrist on an as needed basis to address their psychiatric/mental health needs.

Arizona Outpatient Treatment

At our outpatient rehab in Phoenix, Arizona, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment for clients to stay motivated and achieve long-term recovery goals. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch treatment and care while educating and empowering clients. In our outpatient programs, licensed clinicians help individuals build strong coping skills for lasting sobriety and a fulfilling life in recovery.

Our outpatient treatment programs in Phoenix, Arizona include:

Throughout outpatient treatment, our highly skilled team offers continuous guidance and support to aid clients in their transition back to daily life. This includes individual counseling, group therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy to address the root causes of addiction. Our holistic treatment approach incorporates evidence-based therapies, trauma-informed care, experiential groups, family involvement, and case management to empower clients in their recovery journey. 

During our Arizona outpatient treatment programs, clinicians support clients through partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs assisting them in achieving their goals, developing new life skills, and upholding their relapse prevention plans.

Partial Hospitalization Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

For clients who desire to live at home or in our sober living residences, our partial hospitalization program provides daily structure and support for the work of recovery. Clients attend individual and group therapy and meet with a psychiatrist as needed for medication management. Our PHP program meets every weekday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 3 pm.

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides a level of care that strikes the perfect balance between the rigorous engagement of traditional outpatient services and the comprehensive support of partial hospitalization programs. In IOP, clients receive ongoing treatment while living at home or in a sober living environment in Arizona.

The IOP model is designed to fit seamlessly into a client’s life, requiring participation in treatment sessions for several hours a day, multiple days a week. The focus of these sessions is on equipping clients with robust coping strategies, effective craving management techniques, and the tools to rebuild their lives, all while they continue to fulfill their everyday obligations, such as work or school commitments.

Outpatient Rehab Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

Many clients enter our outpatient program as they gain more confidence in their recovery and require less time in treatment. Our outpatient program meets weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm. This allows time to maintain job or work responsibilities while getting regular recovery support.

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Addiction Treatment Services in Phoenix, Arizona

At Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona, we work closely with our clients to create personalized treatment plans to  address their specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals, including licensed therapists and medical doctors, are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

Depending on the level of care and individual needs, clients can receive some or all of the following addiction treatment services during their time in our Arizona rehabs:

At Vogue Recovery Centers in Phoenix, Arizona, clients work through a personalized treatment program designed to address their specific needs and goals. Our team of experienced professionals utilizes evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to addiction recovery, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive care for their minds, bodies, and spirits. We understand that each person’s journey to recovery is unique, and our individualized treatment plans allow for a tailored approach to healing.

Our rehabs in Arizona also prioritize aftercare planning to ensure that our clients continue their progress even after leaving our facility. We work closely with our clients to develop personalized relapse prevention strategies and connect them with ongoing support resources in their community.

Addiction Therapies in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Arizona rehabs assist clients in regaining control of their lives and fostering positive transformations. Our comprehensive approach includes therapy sessions, educational programs, and therapeutic activities, equipping our clients with the necessary tools to surmount their challenges and lead enriched lives. We employ a blend of traditional and experiential methods to ensure a holistic recovery experience.

Our addiction treatment centers in Phoenix, Arizona use a combination of traditional and alternative approaches that may include:

In therapy, our caring addiction experts personalize each substance abuse treatment for our clients, considering their needs and goals. We use traditional therapies like individual, group, and family therapy. We apply evidence-based practices such as cognitive-behavioral interventions, skill-building exercises, and relapse prevention planning. We also offer alternative techniques like yoga, meditation, and massage to address the mind, body, and spirit connection in recovery. If you want to know more about the holistic healing options we provide in our addiction treatment centers in Arizona, call us today at 888-973-2078.

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Specialized Care at Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona

At Aliya Health Group, we believe in true healing that encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Our treatment centers practice a holistic treatment approach, ensuring that every individual who completes our rehab program emerges with a transformed perspective on sobriety.

During treatment at Vogue Recovery Center in Arizona, our clinicians not only guide clients through the journey of inner healing but also equip them with the tools to lead a fulfilling, substance-free future. Every person’s journey toward sobriety is unique which is why we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual’s specific needs and circumstances. Along with our individualized treatment plans, we also provide specialized care for veterans and Native Americans.

Rehab for Veterans & First Responders

We recognize the distinctive challenges veterans and first responders face in their battle against substance abuse and trauma. To address these specific needs, we’ve developed our Valor Program, dedicated exclusively to veterans and first responders. This program offers specialized, trauma-focused treatment options tailored for addiction, co-occurring PTSD, and other mental health disorders that often accompany these conditions.

Our approach is designed to provide a supportive and understanding environment where our veteran clients can feel completely safe and comfortable sharing their experiences and embarking on their healing journey. During treatment, clients are surrounded by peers who truly understand the complexities of their struggles, creating a unique bond and fostering a sense of community and mutual support. This shared understanding is vital for healing, allowing individuals to work through their trauma in a space that acknowledges the depth of their service-related experiences.

Program for Native American Addiction

Our Native American program integrates traditional healing practices and cultural teachings to enhance overall wellness and deepen one’s connection to heritage. In our culturally inclusive program, we emphasize the significance of traditional Native American healing practices as pivotal in supporting addiction recovery. Our team includes traditional healers and elders who impart their wisdom and knowledge through ceremonies and counseling sessions. These cultural practices foster a profound connection to our clients’ heritage, enriching their journey toward recovery.

Our Detox & Rehab Centers in Phoenix, Arizona

At Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona, individuals seeking freedom from addiction find not only expert clinical care but also an oasis of comfort designed to support the journey to recovery. Our detox and rehab facilities are crafted with the understanding that an individual’s environment plays a crucial role in healing. From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be enveloped in an atmosphere that speaks to tranquility, safety, and renewal.

Our state-of-the-art center boasts private and semi-private accommodations, ensuring privacy and comfort for our clients during their stay. Each room is furnished thoughtfully, providing a serene space for reflection and rest. Beyond the personal living spaces, Vogue Recovery Center offers a variety of amenities aimed at nurturing physical health and mental well-being.

Our Arizona Leadership

Addiction Treatment Professionals in Phoenix, AZ

Vaun Williams

Vaun Williams,
Psy.D., LPC
Chief Operating Officer

Vaun Williams is the chief operating officer for Vogue Recovery Centers in Arizona. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2005 from Arizona State University. Vaun completed her master’s degree in 2011 from the University of Phoenix and is licensed as a professional counselor. She then went on to earn her doctoral degree from Capella University in 2017. She has worked in the behavioral health field for approximately 25 years. Vaun has worked with children, the homeless population, the domestic violence population, the addiction population, and in private practice. She specializes in trauma therapy and is certified in EMDR treatment and working on becoming an approved consultant with EMDRIA. Vaun has taught various courses in psychology and counseling with Grand Canyon University as an adjunct faculty since 2016.

In addition to working with various populations, she has also held positions in management for the past 20 years. Vaun has supervised all walks of life and those who are seeking independent licensure. Lastly, she has worked with various diagnoses ranging from anxiety, depression, addiction, mood-related disorders, trauma-related disorders, and personality disorders. Vaun is the proud mother of two beautiful children and loves spending quality time with them.

Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones, MS, LPC Executive Director

Kelsey Jones is the Executive Director at Vogue Recovery Center in Arizona. Kelsey was born and raised in Kansas and moved to Arizona in 2004 for college. She has been in the behavioral health field since 2007. Kelsey earned a master’s degree in both infant family practice and counseling and guidance. She is also a licensed counselor.

Kelsey has spent a large portion of her career working with the seriously mentally ill co-occurring disorders population. She has overseen a residential treatment program for this population and worked in the outpatient setting as well. For the past several years, Kelsey has worked behind the scenes by providing clinical training to all direct care staff and teaching various training on cultural competency, mental health diagnosis, compassion fatigue, and others. She has a passion for working with people and helping them understand what they are experiencing. She is also a huge Kansas City Chiefs Fan.

Lisa Tomsak

​Lisa Tomsak, DO Medical Director

Royal Life Centers Prescott, Arizona

Dr. Lisa Tomsak, DO, is the Medical Director for Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Within her role, she skillfully oversees the medical services provided by the clinicians at our Arizona rehab. Dr. Tomsak is certified in internal and addiction medicine, reflecting her wide-ranging expertise in these areas. She received her Doctor of Osteopathy degree from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Wilkes Barre University.

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Tomsak offers a holistic range of medical care to our clients. She employs a thorough approach to treatment, focusing on relapse prevention and the promotion of enduring recovery strategies. Her profound dedication to substance abuse treatment is noteworthy, and her commitment to achieving excellence is without equal. Through her constant dedication, Dr. Tomsak has markedly enhanced the caliber of our medical services and standards, underscoring her invaluable contribution to the field.

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Client Testimonials

Nick N
Nick N
Vogue Alumni
Read More
This location is very knowledgeable and understanding. Bill does awesome groups that are very informative. AJ is fantastic! All of the staff here are awesome! Irma was very nice and helped very firmly on helping us return to our life’s. Great place I would recommend for anyone in need of detox. Ryan was also a great nurse and very understanding about all my issues. Thank you Vogue for helping me get a new start!
Annastasia B
Annastasia B
Vogue Alumni
Read More
My stay at Vogue Recovery was positive. I got a lot out of the program. I got a long with the staff they helped me get through my treatment. Odin was a very good support. My counselor was good in helping with treatment and aftercare. I liked going on the group outings on Saturdays. Rehab in Arizona at Vogue was better than anywhere else I have ever been.
Conner W
Conner W
Vogue Alumni
Read More
Best detox I’ve ever been to. Staff and nurses actually care. They were very quick to get me checked in. Beautiful decor and comfortable beds/couches. Very clean. Good food. Could go on all day I honestly can’t say a bad word about them other than maybe more activities in the rec room but even that is still a few fun things to pass the time..

Payment Options for Rehab in Phoenix, AZ

Knowin that every person seeking help for substance misuse has a unique combination of circumstances, which is why there is no set cost for treatment. The cost of rehab varies with each client and is primarily decided by the degree of treatment, duration, and therapy services used to best suit their requirements, goals, and preferences.

To help you understand the various ways to pay for rehab, Vogue Recovery Center is committed to assisting you in navigating the insurance verification process and detailing the different payment options available to you.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

Many insurance plans provide coverage for addiction treatment. Our staff is experienced in insurance verification and will work with you to determine the extent of your coverage and understand your financial responsibility. If you would like more information on your insurance coverage for rehab, please fill out our secure insurance verification form.

Private Pay and Financing Options

For those without insurance coverage or who prefer to pay privately, our center offers flexible payment plans and financing options to make rehab more accessible. Our admissions team is pleased to discuss this option with you and provide a cost estimate based on your treatment plan. Please call us at 888-973-2078 or fill out our secure contact form to find out more about your rehab payment options.

We Accept Health Insurance

Vogue Recovery Center accepts most major health insurance providers on both a national and local level.
Some of the insurance plans we currently work with include (but are not limited to) the following:

Check to see if your insurance is in-network at one of our rehab facilities.

Where is Rehab in Phoenix, Arizona Located?

Conveniently located in Phoenix, Arizona, the Vogue Recovery Center provides a peaceful and accessible setting for healing. The serene desert landscapes surrounding the facility create an ideal backdrop for self-reflection and growth.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction in Arizona, Vogue Recovery Center’s treatment programs can help you get better. At Aliya Health Group, we also operate several other addiction treatment center locations across the United States. 

Find Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Phoenix, AZ

Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is a pivotal decision that can change the course of your life. If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, it’s crucial to reach out for professional help. Vogue Recovery Center in Phoenix, AZ, is ready to guide you through the recovery process with care and expertise.

Aliya Health Group offers alcohol and drug addiction treatment at are Phoenix, Arizona rehab facility:

Treatment Locations

Vogue Recovery Center
Phoenix, Arizona

4122 North 17th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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