Wellbriety at Puget Sound

Wellbriety at Puget Sound

Royal Life Centers

Healing At Puget Sound

The Healing program at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound implements Wellbriety’s White Bison-certified cultural education initiatives that illustrate the origins and influencing factors of Native American substance use as a means of drug and alcohol addiction prevention.

Our staff of substance use disorder professionals provide alcohol/drug abuse assessments, co-occurring disorder evaluations, diagnoses, and individualized treatment to each guest. We at Puget Sound strive to generate and promote positive culturally-based social adjustments that benefit our guest’s relationships within themselves, their families, and their communities.

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Within Tribal Healing, we reintegrate Native cultural practices and customs utilizing guest involvement and collaboration, participation in tribal ceremonies and events, and educational courses to promote healing and growth from within.

Puget Sound’s Healing focuses on the holistic recovery of our tribal guests through the fusion of traditional, evidence-based treatment practices with traditional Native American philosophies and customs. Within the Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps, our staff of SUDPs educate our guests on prevention, preparation, and harm reduction tactics regarding alcohol and drug addiction within the scope of Native practices. Additionally, our staff review the historical trauma inflicted on native peoples following the introduction to European settlers, offering practical and positive coping skills to aid in their healing from intergenerational trauma.

We at Royal Life Centers are proud to be one of ten Wellbriety certified substance abuse treatment centers as it affords us the opportunity to honor the centuries-old traditions of holistic healing for any and all tribal members in need of SUD treatment.


The Wellbriety Movement was formed as a way to fill the gap in Native American healthcare, providing culturally based healing for current and future generations of Indigenous people.

Wellbriety Teachings

Traditional Customs
  • The Cycle of Life
  • The 4 Directions
  • 4 Seasons of Recovery
  • AA in Indian Country
  • Wisdom Circles
  • How to Conduct Talking Circles

Cultural Allegories

  • Story of the Orange Frog

Female-Focused Motivations

  • Women Taking Their Power Back
Wellbriety aims to revitalize the traditional tribal principles, values, and teachings to restore the strong foundation of health and interconnectedness amongst Native American communities. In doing so, the movement aspires to promote holistic tribal healing of alcohol abuse, substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, and the aftereffects of intergenerational trauma.

White Bison

White Bison is the Wellbriety Movement’s internationally recognized training institute that provides education and certifications for Wellbriety’s culturally based healing curriculum to substance use treatment programs and grassroot activists. White Bison embodies the Wellbriety Movement, striving to spread awareness and native-based education to reconnect indigenous people to the traditions and customs that allowed their ancestors to flourish and coexist in nature, their communities, and as individuals.

White Bison Training Programs:
  • Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps
  • Mending Broken Hearts
  • Warrior Down (Recovery Coach)
  • The Red Road to Wellbriety (Education)
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As a center of excellence, White Bison offers tribal healing training in addition to necessary tools and resources that promote sustainable and beneficial growth within Native American Communities.

The Opportunity To Heal

Native American addiction treatment should be founded on culture, tradition, and values in addition to evidence-based practices. The essence of Native American culture—the spiritual ideology of interconnectedness— is what enabled the healthy, harmonious existence of tribal communities prior to the introduction of European settlers who attempted to indoctrinate Native people and erase their peaceful ways of life. To revitalize this culture of unity and oneness with the Earth, we at Royal Life Centers work with our guests to reconnect their spirit to all things around them, bringing them clarity and wholeness alongside their sobriety.

Our dedication to providing compassionate care to those who seek our help is extended to reach tribal members who deserve a full opportunity to experience a life of sobriety built on their cultural beliefs and foundation of values.

Tribal Healing Curriculum

Traditional Healing for Tribal Members

Native American Culture

The Medicine Wheel • The Four Directions • Warrior Down • Red Road To Wellbriety

Tribal Ceremonies

Wiping Tears Ceremony • Sweat Lodge • First Foods Gathering • Coastal Salmon Cookouts

Native Traditions

Smudging • Cedar Weaving • Beadwork • Boat Carving • Cultural Cooking • Natural Medicine

“Royal Life centers completely changed my life. I had lost all hope that a life in sobriety could be possible for a person who had struggled for so long to no avail. Royal gave me the chance to stay sober and figure out who I was and who I could be. The staff that was there were the most amazing and supportive group I have ever encountered and they believed in me when I could not believe in myself. I will forever be grateful for the Royal life community.”
– Christine V.

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