Joel Strulovics

Joel Strulovics

Joel Strulovics

Managing Partner

Joel Strulovics has been with our organization since 2021 as a Managing Partner at Aliya Health Group. As a key member of our organization, Joel utilizes his managerial background to shape Aliya’s strategic direction. Within his role, Joel Strulovics effectively develops and implements organizational goals, procedures, and policies. Likewise, he utilizes his expertise to drive new business mergers and acquisitions. Under Joel’s leadership, our company maintains a strong trajectory focused on continued growth and success.

Joel’s formative years were woven into the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, shaping him with a rich tapestry of enriching experiences. The dynamic, urban energy and diverse culture of his youth fostered a thirst for knowledge and fascination with the nuanced motivations of those around him. His educational pursuits then led him to the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland and the cultural richness of Israel, both offering new, enlightening lessons on the valuable impact of social support on holistic wellness.

As a professional in the behavioral health field, Joel finds profound fulfillment in observing the life-changing journey of individuals as they overcome challenges, ultimately achieving improved mental health and resilience. With prior experience in the non-profit sector, he has witnessed the transformative power of community-driven initiatives and understands the significance of tackling social issues.

Joel Strulovics first began working with Aliya Health Group following the merger with Vogue Recovery Center, our drug and alcohol treatment programs in California, Arizona, and Las Vegas. Today, Joel leverages his skills and expertise to support our organization as we continue to grow and expand access to life-saving services for addiction and mental health disorders across the United States. Joel Strulovics also acts as Managing Director at the Emerald Group, in which he has facilitated the acquisition and financing of over 25 assets.

Having settled in the serene landscapes of the New Jersey suburbs, Joel navigates a harmonious balance between cherished city memories and the tranquility of suburban life. He honors each chapter of his life and its contribution to the development of his unique perspective and personal journey. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, networking, and spending time with his beautiful family.

My time at Vogue Recovery was truly life changing.  The staff are themselves recovering addicts and understand the struggles we face as addicts. I can’t thank enough the Behavioral Tech Staff — Rachelle, Andrew, Matt, Eric, Nikki, Katie to name just a few. The nursing staff is amazing and took awesome care of me when I had COVID. Theresa and Melissa are amazing Nursing Directors. My therapist Jessica Otto saved my life! Thanks JO. And Tiffany my Caseworker-thank you. From the cooking staff to the fabulous cleaning staff Vogue Recovery is a top organization. Thank you, Vogue. I have my life back.

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