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Royal Life Centers

A trusted leader in addiction treatment since 2009, Royal Life Centers provides compassionate, evidence-based care for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs extend across seven locations in Prescott Valley in Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest. Our addiction treatment centers in Arizona include Royal Life Detox and Chapter 5 Recovery. Within the state of Washington, Royal Life Centers facilities include The Haven, Puget Sound, Sound Recovery, Spokane Heights, and Cascade Heights. Each of our substance abuse programs is built upon respect, honesty, and compassion. Many of our facilities are award-winning, and all of them are accredited by the Joint Commission (TJC).

What to Expect at Royal Life Centers

At Royal Life Centers, we understand that no two individuals experience addiction in the same way. That’s why we offer a variety of treatment options tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. From medical detox to residential, outpatient, and aftercare programs, we have the resources and expertise to guide you through every step of your recovery journey.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to helping you overcome addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. We use evidence-based treatment services to help you understand the root causes of your addiction and develop healthy coping mechanisms for a successful recovery. But our approach goes beyond just treating the physical symptoms of addiction. We believe that true healing involves addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. That’s why our treatment plans also include therapy, counseling, and other holistic methods to promote overall wellness.

We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where you can open up about your struggles without fear or judgment. Our compassionate staff will work closely with you to identify any underlying issues that may be contributing to your addiction and provide personalized care to address them. The team at Royal Life Centers is committed to helping you not just overcome addiction, but also achieve a happier, healthier life free from substance abuse. Let us guide you on the path to recovery and start your journey towards a brighter future. 

Royal Life Centers
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Royal Life Centers Addiction Treatment in Arizona & Washington

Royal Life Centers offers a full continuum of care for addiction treatment in Arizona and Washington State. Our programs are designed to help individuals struggling with substance abuse find lasting recovery and regain control of their lives. With our personalized treatment plans, we strive to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction in order to provide a comprehensive approach to healing.

Treatment Programs at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers offers the following levels of care:

Royal Life Centers offers addiction treatment programs that are both evidence-based and engaging, equipping you with the necessary tools to sustain sobriety and create a happier, healthier life in recovery.

Medical Detox

Our medical detox program provides a safe, comfortable space with a 24/7 medical team helping you eliminate drugs and alcohol from your system. We use research-backed medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and we monitor your comfort level and vital signs around the clock. You’ll detox in a spacious bedroom with cozy furniture and have access to inviting common areas.

Residential Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment locations provides you with space away from triggers in a home-like environment. Set in beautiful areas next to rolling hills, lakes, and parks, you’ll experience the healing power of nature while engaging in a blend of traditional and experiential therapies.

Our residential inpatient programs are highly structured and focus on re-developing life skills and reintegrating into everyday life. You’ll attend groups five hours per day, every day, and have weekly individual therapy sessions.

We take a holistic approach to treatment that includes recreational activities, relapse prevention, education on gender-specific issues, trauma resolution, grief and loss, anger management, and 12-step meetings. You’ll work to restore health to mind, body, and spirit and increase your potential for long-term recovery and maintaining sobriety.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Royal’s partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the first of three 4-week phases of continuing care following detox and inpatient treatment. Our PHP is also a good option for clients who require a similar structure as inpatient treatment but need to be home in the evenings. During partial hospitalization, you’ll participate in group therapy sessions Monday through Friday, six hours per day, and Saturday for three hours. PHP precedes our intensive outpatient program (IOP), outpatient (OP), and sober living.

Our PHP is ideal for people who have a support network and are capable of moderate self-sustainability and relapse prevention. We’ll prepare you for independence by teaching you healthy coping skills and providing educational and employment assistance. These skills and resources are incredibly valuable in early recovery as you learn to maintain a healthy, sober life. Our 4-week partial hospitalization program prepares you for our intensive outpatient program (IOP), the next level of care, and is the first step back into society. Many people choose to live in our sober-living residences during this time. 

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are the second stage of our continuing care programming. Following 4 weeks of PHP, many clients begin 4 weeks of intensive outpatient. You’ll participate in group therapy sessions for five hours Monday through Friday and for three hours on Saturday. You’ll eventually transition into move phase two of IOP, which includes three group therapy sessions per week, three hours per day for 4 more weeks.

During your time in intensive outpatient, you’ll attend weekly individual therapy sessions. You’ll hone the skills learned throughout your time at Royal and participate in job-readiness training that covers resume building, interview skills, and job placement. IOP provides education, resources, and skills that prepare you for a life of recovery outside of the treatment facility.

Outpatient Program (OP)

Our outpatient program is designed to accommodate clients who are employed and moderately independent. Outpatient care acts as a support system, providing community, medical care, and resources to encourage growth in recovery as you become self-sufficient in everyday life. At this point, you’ve rebuilt much of your physical, mental, and spiritual health following detox, residential inpatient, PHP, and IOP and are ready to begin a life free of substance use. Royal Life Centers outpatient program (OP) is also available to first-time clients as well. Outpatient is the most flexible treatment option. You attend monthly therapy sessions and weekly group therapy sessions on Sunday.

Sober-Living Residences

Our sober-living residences are available to current clients who have completed our inpatient treatment programs. We model the responsibility of paying bills and budgeting with low weekly rent for a nice apartment or home that is fully furnished with cable/internet and is accompanied by the safety and security of a sober-living staff nearby. Paying rent for sober housing begins after we help you find employment during outpatient treatment.

Treatment Services at Royal Life Centers

We use several different treatment approaches that support whole-person healing. Therapies include:

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Our Royal Life Centers in Arizona provide a unique treatment experience set to the backdrop of rolling mountains, lakes, and trails of scenic Prescott Valley. Most clients go through our medical detox program before entering our residential treatment program. Through traditional therapies like individual and group therapy and alternative approaches such as yoga, art therapy, and movement therapy, you’ll address the reasons behind your substance abuse and learn healthy coping skills for long-term recovery.

This small, vibrant town awaits each client’s completion of residential care so that they can experience a variety of outdoor opportunities, such as rock climbing on the iconic Granite Dells, kayaking under canopies of pine trees, and hiking on some of the best trails in the country. We integrate these types of activities into our holistic approach to outpatient treatment, which seeks to restore emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 

Detox Program Royal Life Detox

Royal Life Detox, our medical detox facility in Prescott, Arizona, provides around-the-clock medical care. As you detox from drugs and alcohol, our program ensures the process is as safe and comfortable as possible in the care of our team of doctors, addiction therapists, and behavioral health technicians. With a highly experienced clinical staff as well as state-of-the-art detox facilities, you or your loved one is in good hands at Royal Life Centers.

Our alcohol and drug detox program begins with a clinical assessment, followed by a dynamic medical regimen. Appropriate medications are provided to relieve discomfort or pain during detox and our staff monitors you around the clock. Following detox, you’ll meet with your primary therapist who will create a personalized treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

Men's Residential Treatment Program Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5

Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 is our men’s residential drug rehab in Prescott, AZ. While in treatment, clients reside in our inpatient treatment facility surrounded by a team of experienced and compassionate clinicians.

Our men’s inpatient treatment program allows you to completely focus on yourself, without any outside distractions. You’ll attend groups and daily individual therapy sessions, community 12-step meetings, and speaker events. We also offer a variety of community activities.

While residing in our Chapter 5 treatment facility, clients enjoy spacious, modern living spaces with plenty of amenities. Our addiction treatment is evidence-based and engaging, providing you with all the tools you need to maintain sobriety and build a better life.

Women's Residential Treatment Program Royal Life Centers at Seaglass

Royal Life Centers at Seaglass, located in Prescott, AZ, specializes in women’s residential drug rehabilitation. During their stay, clients are immersed in a nurturing environment, supported by a team of dedicated and empathetic clinicians, at our inpatient facility.

Our inpatient program is designed to allow women to focus entirely on their recovery journey, free from external distractions. It includes group sessions, daily individual therapy, participation in 12-step groups, and engaging speaker events, complemented by a range of communal activities.

While residing in our inpatient facility at Seaglass, clients are treated to spacious, contemporary living quarters equipped with numerous amenities. Our treatment approach is evidence-based and interactive, equipping you with the necessary resources to sustain sobriety and forge a fulfilling life.

Aftercare Program Royal Life Centers at Seaglass

After completing treatment at Royal Life Centers’ Seaglass residential inpatient program, clients have the opportunity to extend their journey of recovery by participating in our aftercare and outpatient programs located in Arizona. Our Prescott-based Seaglass facility hosts a dedicated space that provides a seamless transition into our comprehensive 12-week drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for both men and women.

Throughout our holistic and evidence-based treatment approach, we support our clients in smoothly transitioning from a residential level of care to a less restrictive, yet highly structured, aftercare program.

Royal Life Centers offers addiction treatment centers in Lacey, Sumner, Spokane Heights, and Cascade Heights. Tucked into some of Washington’s most scenic areas, clients begin their recovery in supportive and healing environments. Our treatment programs provide compassionate, innovative care from behavioral health and medical professionals who are experts in their fields. We’ll welcome you into our family and you’ll build strong bonds and friendships with other clients. Treatment is individualized and effective and teaches you the skills for long-term recovery.

Detox & Residential Inpatient Program Royal Life Centers at The Haven

Royal Life Centers at the Haven, located in Lacey, Washington, offers a premier medical detox and residential inpatient experience. Nestled on the breathtaking shores of Puget Sound and at the foot of the Cascade Mountain Range, The Haven provides an idyllic setting to embark on your recovery journey amidst the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We are firm believers that a stunning environment, when combined with our top-tier medical care, fosters a focused and profound healing process during this pivotal recovery stage.

Our program, under medical supervision, is designed to deliver not just the necessary amenities but also a warm, compassionate environment for healing. For those in detox, we provide medically-assisted treatment (MAT) when required.

Detox & Residential Inpatient Program Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound

Our premier detox and residential inpatient center is nestled in the lively city of Sumner, Washington, at our acclaimed Puget Sound location. This facility is renowned for delivering evidence-based treatments, facilitated by our top-tier staff in the most comfortable and luxurious accommodations. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive addiction treatment services at the most competitive rates in Washington. To support your recovery journey, our private chef prepares three nutritious and delectable meals daily, ensuring you regain your strength in the most enjoyable way. Our clients enjoy the comfort of their own rooms, each equipped with a flat-screen TV for personal relaxation and entertainment.

Following the inpatient treatment phase, clients have the opportunity to transition seamlessly to our aftercare facility in Lacey, Washington, where they receive ongoing support and care, fostering continued recovery and wellbeing.

Detox & Residential Inpatient Program Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights offers a premier medical detox and residential inpatient program in Spokane, Washington. Our inpatient treatment is designed to safely and comfortably detox clients, preparing them for the next steps towards sobriety. Where necessary, clients may access medically-assisted treatment (MAT).

Our facility offers bedrooms equipped with TVs and common areas featuring gaming centers, ensuring a comfortable stay. Additionally, we provide 24/7 access to our fully stocked kitchen, complete with a private chef. Staffed around the clock with caring, compassionate professionals, our Spokane detox center guarantees the safety and comfort of each client throughout early recovery.

Detox & Residential Inpatient Program Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights

Nestled just north of Spokane in Mead, Washington, our Cascade Heights location sits amidst the breathtaking scenery of cascading mountains and shimmering lakes. This idyllic setting in Spokane County offers a serene backdrop, ideal for continued healing following detox and residential inpatient treatment.

At Cascade Heights, our dedicated team is here to support and guide you as you make the transition from inpatient treatment to Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Additionally, we offer outpatient services and sober living residences for those wishing to extend their recovery journey within our nurturing community.

Detox & Residential Inpatient Program Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery

Tucked away in the stunning natural haven just beyond Seattle, Washington, Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery presents an idyllic setting for individuals on their path to sobriety. Our outpatient facility delivers continuous support for clients transitioning from detox and residential treatments. Through our Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), clients engage in a diverse array of behavioral and holistic therapies, enriched by a variety of holistic activities.

Our outpatient rehab facility offers a comprehensive suite of outdoor adventure activities, including equine therapy and hiking, designed to nurture the mind, body, and spirit. Nestled amidst verdant rainforests, glistening lakes, and extensive networks of pristine hiking and biking trails, our center provides a tranquil refuge for our clients, offering them serenity and healing on their journey.

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We accept most major health insurance providers on both a national and local level. We currently work with the following insurance plans:

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“I highly recommend this facility for anyone needing treatment. The staff isn’t just nice and genuine there but instead one big family. Whether it’s the owner, housing manager, or a bht you get the best down to earth genuine care. The material they teach in group is very helpful also.”

Where Is Royal Life Centers Located?

Whether you live in the Arizona or Washington state, Royal Life Centers has treatment programs in Washington that can help you get better. We operate 3 addiction treatment center locations in Prescott, Arizona, and 5 in Lacey, Sumner, Spokane, and Mead, Washington.

Find Royal Life Centers Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers Near Me

Royal Life Centers’ rehab facilities that specialize in addiction treatment include:

8649 Martin Way SE
Lacey, WA 98516

Detox and Residential | Private Suites Available

8645 Martin Way E
Lacey, WA 98516

PHP, IOP, OP | Long-Term Care & Wellbriety Certified Treatment

Washington Addiction Treatment Locations

8649 Martin Way SE
Lacey, WA 98516

Detox and Residential | Safe, Effective, Compassionate Care

524 E Francis Ave
Spokane, WA 99208

Detox and Residential | Safe, Effective, Compassionate Care

14525 N Newport Hwy
Mead, WA 99021

PHP, IOP, OP | Long-Term Care & Wellbriety Certified Treatment

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